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Innovations in Human Enablement and Enhancement Technologies (Techvision)

Innovations in Human Enablement and Enhancement Technologies (Techvision)

The overall purpose of human enablement is to restore an impaired function to average levels but mostly to raise the current level that is beyond the norm for humans. The current research service on human enablement covers the most talked about technologies of the present and future - Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), Exoskeletons, Nootropics and Electroceuticals. This research service covers these four technologies in detail, profiling key industry players and their products, their innovation attributes and the factors associated with their likelihood of adoption. The section on impact assessment lists the top industry drivers and challenges that are expected to encourage the adoption of these technologies. The subsequent section on diffusion of innovations provides a detailed breakup of the factors associated with adoption of each of the technologies in three of the most prominent regions of the world - North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Finally, the chapter on opportunity analysis recommends some of the key management strategies that must be embraced to boost the current state of human enhancement technologies. This segment also lists some of the key technologies and applications that will begin to make inroads in the global market by 2025.

  • Executive Summary
    • Scope of Research
    • Research Process Methodology
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Technology Snapshot and Trends
    • Brain-Computer Interface—Introduction
    • Brain-Computer Interface—Trends
    • Brain-Computer Interface
      • Innovation Profile 1: Emotiv, Inc.
      • Innovation Profile 2: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.
      • Innovation Profile 3: MyndPlay Ltd.
      • Innovation Profile 4: Puzzlebox Productions LLC
      • Innovation Profile 5: Interaxon Inc.
      • Innovation Profile 6: Neuroelectrics
      • Other Innovators
    • Exoskeletons—Introduction
    • Exoskeletons—Trends
    • Exoskeletons
      • Innovation Profile 1: ReWalk Robotics, Inc.
      • Innovation Profile 2: Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc.
      • Innovation Profile 3: REX Bionics Ltd.
      • Innovation Profile 4: Sarcos Corp.
    • Electroceuticals—Introduction
    • Electroceuticals—Trends
    • Electroceuticals—Neurostimulators
    • Electroceuticals—Neuroprosthetics
    • Electroceuticals—Key Innovators
    • Nootropics—Introduction
    • Nootropics—Trends
    • Nootropics
      • Innovation Profile 1: Onnit Labs, LLC
      • Innovation Profile 2: All-Organic Marketing, Inc.
      • Other Innovators
  • Impact Assessment and Analysis
    • Impact Mapping of Drivers and Challenges
    • Market Impact—Drivers Explained
    • Market Impact—Challenges Explained
  • Diffusion of Innovations
    • Tech Adoption—Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)
    • Tech Adoption—Exoskeletons
    • Tech Adoption—Nootropics
    • Tech Adoption—Electroceuticals
  • Funding Scenario
    • Brain-Computer Interfaces
      • Table Human Enablement/Enhancement Market: Funding Scenario of Key BCI Participants, Global, 2015
    • Exoskeletons
      • Table Human Enablement/Enhancement Market: Funding Scenario of Key Exoskeleton Participants, Global, 2015
    • Electroceuticals
      • Table Human Enablement/Enhancement Market: Funding Scenario of Key Electroceutical Participants, Global, 2015
  • Opportunity Evaluation
    • Emerging Technology Roadmap
    • Technology Management Strategies
  • Key Contacts and Patents
    • Key Contacts
    • Global Patents

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