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India Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Solution Market, Forecast to 2021

India Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Solution Market, Forecast to 2021

The Indian DDoS solution market experienced an impressive YoY growth rate of 50.1% in 2016, with total revenue amounting to $14.1 million. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.3% (2016–2021). The frequency of DDoS attacks has increased and India was cited to be one of the top sources of the attacks. In 2016, some ISPs in Mumbai experienced a series of DDoS attacks. As a result, Internet speed slowed down, and many users were affected. This incident highlighted the need and importance for enterprises to adopt DDoS solutions to combat such attacks in the future. Growing awareness of DDoS attacks is likely to drive growth, as organizations are more open toward adopting security measures. As such, it is easier for security vendors to venture into the Indian market.

In addition to market growth analysis, the study highlights the key driving forces of the DDoS market. Key drivers include better awareness of security due to constantly evolving DDoS attacks which will eventually stimulate the stronger adoption of DDoS solutions; growing concerns over threats to key infrastructure and strong requirements for cyber resiliency which are driving government organizations and service providers to upgrade their network infrastructure and mitigation capacities; the rise in the number of connected devices (IoT devices) which requires businesses and service providers to strengthen their protection capability; tightened requirements for compliances which drive organizations to invest in DDoS solutions to protect infrastructure and data; growing concerns over business disruption and reputation loss which drive many large organizations to expand their in-house DDoS mitigation capacity; and incomplete ability of legacy security approaches which causes customers to look at dedicated defense solutions to tackle threats and mitigate attacks.

Market trends are analyzed for the study period 2015 to 2021, with the base year being 2016. DDoS solution is the key focus area in this study. The vertical segmentation in this study includes the government, banking, financial services and Insurance (BFSI), service provider, manufacturing, education, eCommerce, and other sectors.

Companies analyzed in the Indian DDoS solution market's competitive landscape include Akamai, Arbor Networks, F5 Networks, Radware, and Genie Networks, among others.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
• Is the DDoS solution market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
• Are the existing competitors structured correctly to meet customer needs?
• Will DDoS solutions continue to exist, or will other solutions and services take its place?
• How will the structure of the market change with time?
• Will the services replace the product markets?
• What are the most common DDoS threats in India?
• Are the vendors in India ready to go it alone, or do they need partnerships to take their business to the next level?

  • Market Overview
    • Market Definitions
    • Market Definitions—Solution Deployment
    • Research Methodology
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Market Overview—Geographical Coverage
    • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • Forecasts and Trends
    • Key Findings
    • Market Engineering Measurements
      • Table DDoS Solution Market: Market Engineering Measurements, India, 2016
    • Revenue Forecast
      • Table DDoS Solution Market: Revenue Forecast, India, 2015–2021
    • Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment
      • Table DDoS Solution Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Segment, India, 2015–2021
    • Revenue Forecast by Segment
      • Table DDoS Solution Market: Revenue Forecast by Segment, India, 2015–2021
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion by Segment
  • Market Share and Competitive Landscape Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Availability and Completeness of DDoS Solution Offerings
    • Country/Region Code Legend for Security Operation Centers and Scrubbing Centers
    • Akamai—Market Share Analysis by Country
    • Akamai—Overview
    • Arbor Networks—Market Share Analysis by Country
    • Arbor Networks—Overview
    • F5 Networks—Market Share Analysis by Country
    • F5 Networks—Overview
    • Radware—Market Share Analysis by Country
    • Radware—Overview
    • Genie Networks—Market Share Analysis by Country
    • Genie Networks—Overview
  • Growth Opportunities and Call to Action
    • Transformation in Web Application Firewall Industry Ecosystem
    • Growth Opportunity 1—Threat Research Services for IoT Vendors
    • Growth Opportunity 2—Dark Web Surveillance Services
    • Growth Opportunity 3—Integration of Threat intelligence
    • Growth Opportunity 4—DNS Server DDoS Mitigation
    • Growth Opportunity 5—DDoS Defense Training and Drills
    • 5 Major Growth Opportunities
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • The Last Word
    • Four Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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