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Impact of Sensory Tracking Technology in Consumer Electronics Sector (Technical Insights)

Impact of Sensory Tracking Technology in Consumer Electronics Sector (Technical Insights)

The Technical Insights Division of Frost & Sullivan evaluated Sensory Tracking Technologies in Key Consumer Electronics Applications, and identified key technologies that will impact different application sectors in the near, medium, and longer terms.

About this report

Sensing technologies are increasingly impacting consumer electronics, driven by the increasing trend toward connectivity among individuals and devices. This phenomenon is contributing to a proliferation of information enabled by less expensive, low-power, smaller, more ubiquitous sensors that can be embedded in a plethora of devices or applications and readily send data to the Internet. Consumer electronics devices are defined as those purchased by consumers for personal use, such as mobile phones, laptops, television remote controls, gaming controls, excluding home appliances. Key sensor or sensor-related technologies addressed in this report include touch sensors, touchless gesture recognition sensors, motion sensing, pressure sensors, biometric sensors, brain computer interface (BCI) sensors. Sensors, mainly based on established technologies, are also used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones for sensing other parameters such as proximity, ambient light/screen brightness, temperature or humidity.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Industry Overview
  • Touch Sensor Technology
    • Touch Sensor Technology - Snapshot
    • Key Touch Sensor Technologies
    • Key Technology Innovations in Touch Sensor Technology
    • In-Cell Touch and Single-Layer Touch
    • Flexible Hybrid Films
    • Silver Nanowire Conductive Films
    • Fingerprint/ Touch Input Sensors
    • Third Touch Dimension
    • Graphene Touchscreens
    • Touch Sensor for TV Remote Control
    • Ultra-Sensitive Force and Pressure Touch Sensors
  • Touchless Sensor Technology
    • Touchless Sensor Technology - Snapshot
    • Key Touchless Sensor Technologies
    • Key Technology Innovations in Touchless Sensor Technology
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducer Array
    • Battery-Free Gesture Recognition
    • Image Sensing Array
    • Non-Image, E-Field Gesture Recognition
  • Motion Sensing Technologies
    • Motion Sensing Technologies - Snapshot
    • Key Motion Sensing Technologies
    • Key Technology Innovations in Motion Sensor Technology
    • Motion Sensing-MEMS Reed Sensor/Switch
    • Motion Sensing-Virtual Gyro
    • SENtral Motion Coprocessor
    • Organic Magnetic Resonance Magnetometer
  • Pressure Sensor Technologies
    • Pressure Sensor Technologies - Snapshot
    • Key Pressure Sensor Technologies
    • High Resolution MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor
  • Biometric Sensing Technology
    • Biometric Sensing Technology - Snapshot
    • Key Biometric Sensing Technologies
    • Key Technology Innovations in Biometric Sensing Technology
    • Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor
    • Small Area Fingerprint Touch Sensor
    • Biometrics to Gain Website Access
    • Highly Accurate Iris Recognition
    • Retinal Scanning
    • Deep Brain Learning
    • Palm Vein Authentication System for Cashless Payment
    • Vein Authentication Method and Device
    • Noise-Free Voice Recognition
  • Brain Computer Interface Technology
    • Brain Computer Interface Technology - Snapshot
    • Key BCI Technologies
    • Key Technology Innovations in Brain Computer Interface Technology
    • Wireless Brain Computer Interface
    • Brain Wave Monitor for Early Detection of a Stroke
    • Flexible Electrodes for Longer Recording of EEGs
  • Factors Influencing Adoption - Drivers & Challenges
    • Drivers and Challenges in Consumer Electronics
    • Drivers & Challenges
  • Breadth of Industries Impacted
    • Industries/ Applications Adoption
    • New Applications with Enhanced Opportunities over the Next 5.7 Years
  • Assessment of Opportunities in Key Sectors
    • Touch Sensors
    • Touchless Sensors/ Gesture Recognition
    • Motion Sensing
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Biometric Sensors
    • Brain Computer Interface Sensors
  • Technology Convergence
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Touch Sensing
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Touchless Sensing
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Motion Sensing
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Pressure Sensors
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Biometric Sensing
    • Technology Convergence Opportunities - Brain Computer Interface Sensing
  • Strategic Insights
    • Key Conclusions

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