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Impact of Lifting Nuclear Sanctions on Iran’s Healthcare Market—Now and Later

Impact of Lifting Nuclear Sanctions on Iran’s Healthcare Market—Now and Later

Several international sanctions were imposed over Iran over the last decade, restraining its international trade capacities. Yet, Iran is the 17th largest economy in the world; its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $􂀀 billion in 2014.

The nuclear sanctions imposed by the United Nations on Iran resulted in trade bans and restrictions on financial transactions, severely affecting the pharmaceutical and medical tourism sectors.

Despite the import of food and drugs being exempted from sanctions, there has been a shortage of imported drugs due to financial road blocks such as restrictions on SWIFT payment methods.

From 2015 onwards, there is an increasing international consensus to ease nuclear sanctions. This will likely allow the Iranian pharmaceutical sector to produce adequate drugs needed for domestic use. This will also improve the prospect of Iran opening up to trade and providing opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to be a part of its growth. Frost & Sullivan expects that by mid-2016, there will be a positive momentum to support lifting of sanctions over Iran, especially by the US Congress while the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verifies Iran’s compliance with nuclear deal requirements.

Frost & Sullivan expects that this ease will increase the import of drugs as well as boost manufacturing from the pharmaceutical companies for generic drugs licensed by European and US companies.

The government of Iran is more reform-oriented to position Iran as a business friendly nation, and it took effective measures to bring inflation under control at􂀀% in the first half of 2015 .

International companies have gradually started to leverage this positive environment. Novo Nordisk plans to build a manufacturing plant for approximately $􂀀 million (€ million) in Iran. Iranian companies benefit with increased access to finance and technology, while the Iranian people will benefit from a competitive healthcare landscape and improved value for money.

  • Executive Summary
    • Iran's Healthcare Market-Growth Potential
  • Market Overview
    • Economic Overview of Iran
    • Iran-Country Snapshot
      • Table Healthcare Market: GDP and GDP Growth, Iran, 2011-2017
    • Iran-Healthcare Overview
    • Healthcare Expenditure
      • Table Healthcare Market: Health Per Capita Expenditure, Iran, 2010-2014
      • Table Healthcare Market: Total Health Expenditure, Iran, 2010-2014
    • Healthcare System of Iran
    • Demographics-Population by Age
    • Healthcare Indicators
      • Table Healthcare Market: Healthcare Indicators, Iran, 2014
    • Leading Causes of Deaths in Iran
    • Timeline of Iran's Healthcare Market
  • Impact of Nuclear Sanctions on Iran
    • Nuclear Sanctions and its Implications for Iran
    • Embargoes on Iran
    • Fall of Medicinal Imports
    • Sanctions on Banking Systems
    • Price Inflation
  • The Lifting of Sanctions to Transform Iran's Healthcare Market
    • Lifting Sanctions to Boost Healthcare Market
    • What are the Market Attractions in Iran?
    • What Does the Iranian Healthcare Market Offer?
  • Drivers and Restraints
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Restraints
  • Opportunities in Iran's Healthcare Market After Sanctions are Lifted
    • Healthcare Market Opportunities in Iran
    • Medical Tourism-After Sanctions are Lifted
    • Iran's Medical Tourism Sector-A Growing Medical Hub
    • Pharmaceuticals-After Sanctions are Lifted
    • Pharmaceuticals-Market Statistics
    • Generic Drugs Market in Iran
    • Competitive Landscape of Generic Drugs
    • Novo Nordisk to Explore Iran After Sanctions are Lifted
    • Medical Devices-After Sanctions are Lifted
    • Medical Devices-Market Statistics
  • Strategic Recommendations
    • Future Outlook of Iran's Healthcare Market
    • 3 Key Predictions
  • The Last Word

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