Growth Opportunities for Blockchain in Cyberwarfare and National Security

Growth Opportunities for Blockchain in Cyberwarfare and National Security

The increasing frequency of attacks on national assets and the sophistication of cyberthreats threaten a nation’s ability to defend itself from cyberwarfare strategies. The expanding application of deepfake AI against dominant political figures, social media hijacks of persons of national interest, unauthorized defense network penetration, and ransom demands that threaten complete network outages have forced government administrators to expand their defense horizon.

Despite the ever-increasing threat landscape and their incredibly high-risk profile, government organizations remain far behind where they should be in terms of cybermaturity and digital resilience strategies, necessitating a rapid push to fortify cyberdefenses and manage their cyber-risk profiles.

Cyberattacks on important assets will increase, and blockchain will be at the core of successfully averting them. Blockchain adoption will enable administrators to gain better visibility of procedures at various junctions of the governmental value chain. The technology will be extremely beneficial for segments such as managing digital identities, regulating international financial settlements, and securing defense procurements and weapon systems. Moreover, future battlefields will use computer-controlled and IoT-based communication platforms. Blockchain will be a vital component in encrypting and safeguarding battlefield strategies.

Blockchain will play a pivotal role in helping administrators gain better visibility and develop strong data management guidelines. These guidelines will help administrators transition toward a digital economy, counter various administrative challenges with respect to urbanization (smart city infrastructure), and regulate the supply chain for defense procurements.

Extensive use of IoT-driven communication across various services generates a huge amount of data, which are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Smart city solutions, such as smart grids, digital healthcare, and intelligent traffic solutions, deploy many IoT devices and sensors that require permissioned blockchain networks to safeguard the city’s data. Blockchain technology will be pivotal in safeguarding critical infrastructure, such as smart grids, healthcare records, and mobility.


What is the role of blockchain in securing national defense strategy?
How can blockchain tackle issues around border and immigration management?
What is the application potential of blockchain in securing critical infrastructure?
What are the best practices among developed nations that have embraced eGovernance platforms?
What are top growth opportunities for participants in this space?

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