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Growth Opportunities in the APAC IVD Market, Forecast to 2021

Growth Opportunities in the APAC IVD Market, Forecast to 2021

The study aims to analyze and forecast the Asia Pacific (APAC) in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market outlook and technology trends for 2016.

Research Scope:
• Key trends and opportunities in the IVD market, which has been segmented into 8 major divisions:
o Immunochemistry
o Self-monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Meter
o Hematology
o Point-of-care Testing (POCT)
o Tissue Diagnostics
o Hemostasis
o Clinical Microbiology
o Molecular Diagnostics

• Regional trends in APAC; it covers China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

The APAC IVD industry is undergoing major transformation. Paradigm shifts in the Asian healthcare ecosystem are driving the future of the IVD industry with stellar growth rates and rampant uptake of innovative technologies. Market penetration of molecular diagnostic (MDx) tests in infectious disease diagnosis, laboratory automation for high throughput operational efficiency, and digital pathology are three major themes that will impact the future of clinical pathology in Asia. The spurt in the number of private healthcare sectors and market shift towards quality care, private insurance, and high demand for medical tourism have led Asia to be on par with western counterparts in terms of availability and access to novel technologies. However, given the huge potential and market opportunities, there remain significant challenges in the complex market with preferential demands in Asian countries and fluidic regulatory and market access networks that pose significant challenges for operating companies. The APAC IVD industry, worth $ 14.44 billion in 2016, is expected to reach $19.64 billion in 2021 growing at a CAGR of 6.3%. In molecular diagnostics, infectious disease has the highest market share of 72.0%, followed by oncology (14.3%), genetic disorders (10.0%), and pharmacogenomics (3.7%). Digital innovations in the IVD industry, such as digital pathology, precision medicine, and health analytics are radically changing the care continuum in APAC. The IVD market is moving towards total laboratory automation from task-targeted automation. Although stand-alone automation systems are cost effective in clinical labs, multiple stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystems including physicians, payers, and administrators demand “connected-pathology solutions.”

Key Questions This Study will Answer:
1. What is the current IVD market scenario in Asia?
2. What are the emerging segments in Asia?
3. What are the hot beds in Asia for investment in diagnostics?
4. What are the regional dynamics that impact the growth of the IVD industry?
5. What is the penetration of novel diagnostic solutions across the care continuum pathway?

  • Executive Dashboard
    • Purpose of this Growth Opportunity Study
    • Scope and Segmentation
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • 5-step Process to Transformational Growth
    • Key Findings—How is this Market Important to You?
    • Market Engineering Measurements
    • 8 Big Market Themes for APAC IVD Market
  • Growth Environment—Market Overview
    • Research Methodology
    • Market Overview
    • APAC IVD Industry—Regional Perspective
    • Key Regulatory Trends—APAC
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Restraints
    • Industry Challenges
  • Market Forecasts
    • APAC IVD Market—Market Engineering Measurements
      • Table IVD Market: Market Engineering Measurements, APAC, 2016
    • APAC IVD Market—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast, APAC, 2015–2021
    • APAC IVD Market—Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Competitive Playbook
    • Market Snapshot
    • Market Share Analysis
    • Visioning Scenarios
    • Companies to Watch—JN Medsys
    • Companies to Watch—Quantum Biosystems
    • Companies to Watch—Medisensor Inc.
    • Companies to Watch—Clearbridge BioMedics
    • Companies to Watch—Volition Rx
    • Companies to Watch (Tech Innovation)
    • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Partnerships
  • Growth Pipeline, Strategy, and Implementation
    • Growth Opportunity—Digital Pathology
    • Growth Opportunity—Centralized Clinical Labs
    • Growth Opportunity—Super Specialty Clinics
    • Growth Opportunity—Diagnostic Data Management
    • Growth Opportunity—E-Commerce Model
    • Growth Opportunity—Clinical Lab Automation
    • Growth Opportunity—Clinical Trials
    • Growth Opportunity—Infectious Disease
    • Growth Opportunity—Molecular Diagnostics
    • Top Predictions for the APAC IVD Market
    • Strategic Imperatives for APAC IVD Companies
  • Regional Dynamics
    • Percent Revenue by Country
    • Revenue by Country
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue by Country, APAC, 2016
    • China
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • India
    • Australia
    • ASEAN Overview
  • Segment Analysis
    • Immunochemistry—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Immunochemistry, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Immunochemistry—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Immunochemistry—Key Trends
    • Immunochemistry—Opportunity Assessment and Case Study
    • Immunochemistry—Market Share Analysis
    • Immunochemistry—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Molecular Diagnostics, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Percent Revenue by Application
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Percent Revenue by Application Discussion
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Key Trends
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Market Share Analysis
    • Molecular Diagnostics (MDx)— Snapshot of Market Participants
    • SMBG—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for SMBG, APAC, 2015–2021
    • SMBG—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • SMBG—Key Trends
    • SMBG—Market Share Analysis
    • SMBG—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • POCT—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for POCT, APAC, 2015–2021
    • POCT—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • POCT—Percent Revenue by Application
    • POCT—Percent Revenue by Application Discussion
    • POCT—Key Trends
    • POCT—Market Share Analysis
    • POCT—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • Hematology—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Hematology, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Hematology—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Hematology—Key Trends
    • Hematology—Case Study
    • Hematology—Market Share Analysis
    • Hematology—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • Tissue Diagnostics—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Tissue Diagnostics, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Tissue Diagnostics—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Tissue Diagnostics—Key Trends
    • Tissue Diagnostics—Market Share Analysis
    • Tissue Diagnostics—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • Hemostasis—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Hemostasis, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Hemostasis—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Hemostasis—Key Trends
    • Hemostasis—Market Share Analysis
    • Hemostasis—Snapshot of Market Participants
    • Clinical Microbiology—Revenue Forecast
      • Table IVD Market: Revenue Forecast for Clinical Microbiology, APAC, 2015–2021
    • Clinical Microbiology—Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Clinical Microbiology—Key Trends
  • The Last Word
    • Key Conclusions

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