Global Security Industry Outlook, 2018–2019

Global Security Industry Outlook, 2018–2019

This study will benefit those interested in learning about the key digital transformations happening in the physical and cyber security industry, the ongoing technological evolution, and the implications of those. It discusses key aspects of the industry megatrends, and identifies areas of opportunities for the security industry and also the areas where the industry will potentially add value in terms of helping the digital revolution being realized. All security industry participants and related industry verticals will benefit as this is a visionary study investigating the big picture perspectives of the security industry and how it is looking to revolutionize the rest of the industries across the globe. Technology companies looking to feed into the digital transformation megatrends across the security domain in multiple market segments will also benefit from this study as they will get to understand their potential role in the future.

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We provide diverse research services focused on existing and evolving markets across the aerospace, defense and security markets, covering them at global and regional levels. We offer specialist studies focused on specific product or market segments, providing a deep-dive opportunity for strategists and investors who wish to learn about the future state of any ADS market or product in terms of addressable markets, opportunities and future disruptions.

Research Scope
Product scope: Security Industry Megatrends and Market Analysis
Geographic scope: Global
End-user scope: All industries related to the Security (Physical and Cyber) industry

Research Highlights
The global security industry is going through a massive digital transformation through the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain technologies in security operations. This study outlines key factors driving growth in the security industry at the global level, taking regional, country, and individual level factors into consideration. It is important to understand how these global factors will impact growing security technology trends in critical national infrastructure (CNI), safe cities, first responders’ network, border and maritime security, and cyber security domains. The study outlines the top security predictions for 2018 and beyond. It highlights how major security conflicts across nations and issues such as terrorism and cyber threats, as well as legislative and geopolitical factors can impact the security infrastructure.

Key Issues Addressed
What are the key global threats and security challenges?
What are the key trends within the global security environment?
What are the key digital transformation trends across the security industry?
What are the key trends within critical national infrastructure (CNI) security?
What are they key trends within safe cities and first responders’ network?
What are the key trends within the border and maritime security domain?
What are the key trends within the cyber security domain?
What are the future implications for the security industry?
How will the security industry look like by 2021?

  • Executive Summary
    • Top Security Highlights for 2017-2018
    • Global Footprint of Major Terror Groups in 2016-2017
    • Top Security Predictions for 2018-2019
    • Top Security Predictions for 2018-2019-Discussion
  • Key Threats and Security Challenges
    • Security Overview in 2018
  • Global Security Environment in 2018-Threats and Challenges
    • Global Security Conflicts to Watch in 2018-2019
    • Political Trends-Significant Elections in 2017-2018
    • Crime and Violence Statistics-What the Past Indicates!
    • Terrorism in 2018-2019
    • Cyber Threats to Watch Out in 2018-2019
    • Global Cyber Security Index
    • Evolving Dynamics
    • Legislative Impacts on Security Infrastructure
  • Digital Transformation Across Security and Technology Trends
    • Digital Transformation Across Global Security Networks
    • Internet of Things
    • The Blockchain Opportunity and Challenges
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • Quantum Computing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Cloud Computing
    • Security Surveillance-UAS
    • Civil UAS-Macro Level Analysis
    • Security Technology Innovations
    • Challenges of the New Digital Security Environment
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
    • CNI Security Trends for 2018-2019
    • Comparison by Industry Area
    • Top Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape Airports
    • Top Transformational Shifts Expected
  • Safe Cities and Law Enforcement
    • Safe Cities and Law Enforcement Security Trends for 2018-2019
    • Safe in a Smart City
    • Challenges to City Operators
    • Comparison by Industry Area
      • Table Safe Cities: Percent Revenue by Segment, Global, 2016-2021
    • Breakdown by Technology
    • Breakdown by Region
    • Major City Security Projects-Global
    • Safe Cities-Capability Considerations
  • Border and Maritime Security
    • Border and Maritime Security Trends for 2018-2019
    • Key Border Security Programs and Threats
    • Major Mergers & Acquisitions Activities in 2017
    • Land Border Environment-Land Borders
    • Maritime Environment-Port Security
    • Maritime Environment-Coastal Security: Satellites
    • Competitive Trend-New Data Platform and Analytic Providers
  • Cyber Security Infrastructure
    • Cyber Security Trends for 2018-2019
    • The Cyber Challenge
    • Cyber Security Investments-Global Hot Spots and Top Segments
    • Cyber Supplier Landscape
    • The Supplier Environment
    • Cyber Security in CNI
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Game Changing Technologies
    • Growth Opportunity-First Responder Regional Snapshot
    • Growth Opportunity-Transitioning Maritime Surveillance Concepts
    • Surfacing Security Business Models
    • Strategic Imperatives for Security Suppliers Across Industry
  • Key Conclusions

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