Global Pumps Market, Forecast through 2017

Global Pumps Market, Forecast through 2017

The aim of this growth insight is to evaluate pumps market opportunities across 5 industry sectors (oil and gas; chemicals; water and wastewater; food and beverages; construction) on a global scale assessing the top trends from 2015 through 2017. Investments in the global water and wastewater industry are expected to be the primary driver of growth for global pump revenues in 2017, although rising prices of raw materials could drive up prices for pumps, which could dampen industry growth. Driven by energy concerns and government regulations, energy efficiency and optimized product quality are, nonetheless, key points of focus, which is driving up demand for PD pumps globally. In North American, for instance, the large installed base increases demand for replacement in aging infrastructure, spare parts, and servicing requirements. The improvement in the industry is expected to drive demand for the industrial wastewater market.

This research covers growth opportunities for process equipment companies across the globe, including how the changing landscape and requirements are driving the adoption of differentiated business models and revenue-generation approaches that will sustain market competition. The revenue forecasts for PD and centrifugal pumps are provided globally and split by the following regions: North America (NA); Latin America (LATAM); Europe; Asia-Pacific (APAC); and Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Key Questions the Study Will Answer:
What factors influence growth in the global pumps market?
What are the key capacity and growth opportunities that can be expected regionally to drive the pumps market?
What key investments are being made across industries on a global scale?
What are the major end-user industries for the global pumps market? Which industries offer maximum growth opportunities during the forecast period?

Top Findings Explored:
Oil and Gas Industry: Unmanned FLNG Concepts; Recovery in Oil Prices
Chemicals Industry: Oil and Gas Volatility; Winning Strategy: Customer-focus Approach
Water and Wastewater Industry: Wastewater Recycling; Rising Urbanization
Construction Industry: Energy Efficiency; Growing Spending Boosts Growth
Food and Beverages Industry: Flexible Plant Designs; Human Replacement for Repetitive or Hazardous Tasks

The research highlights how the effects of global economic slowdown are combated by several initiatives taken up by governments across the world to strengthen and drive demand for pumps. The study also discusses how the increasing trend of adopting automated solutions by offering a more lean and clean operating environment will support robotic developments in key end-user industries. Last, growth opportunities (globalization, industry convergence) are presented including the key imperatives for success and growth. The study wraps up with 5 major conclusions about the 2017 global pumps market.

  • Executive Summary
  • Research Scope and Objective
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Global Outlook 2017
    • World GDP Growth-Pre-crisis Trends and Post-crisis Realizations
    • Global Economic Outlook and Growth Implications
    • Competitive Analysis-Company Quarterly Performance of Top Pump Manufacturers (Global)
  • Global Pumps Outlook
    • Overview of Pumps Market Landscape for 2016 and 2017
    • Top Mega Trends for Pump Industry for 2017 and Beyond
    • Revenue Forecast of Global Centrifugal and PD Pumps
    • Market Revenue of Global Centrifugal Pumps
    • Market Revenue of Global PD Pumps
    • Regional Revenue Forecast
  • Regional Outlook
    • North America Outlook-Energy and Manufacturing Primary Drivers of Growth for US Economy in 2016
    • North America Outlook-Improved Consumer Spending to Drive US Manufacturing Sector in 2017
    • Latin America Outlook-Turbulent Economic Conditions Expected in 2017
    • Europe Outlook-Mildly Positive Outlook for Europe in 2017
    • Asia-Pacific Outlook-China to Drag Down Economic Performance of Southeast Asia in 2017
    • Asia-Pacific Outlook-Policy Changes and a Strong Drive for Urbanization
    • Middle East & Africa Outlook-East Africa to Drive Economic Growth for the Entire Continent in 2017
    • Middle East & Africa Outlook-Oil-exporting Countries Face Uncertainty
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Transformation in the Global Pumps Industry Ecosystem-2016
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Globalization
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Industry Convergence
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Key Conclusion
    • Key Conclusions

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