Global Perspective on the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid

Global Perspective on the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid


To integrate large shares of renewables, day-ahead weather forecasting and system reliability calculations (N-1 contingency events) were widely revamped to include the renewable energy (RE) component in Germany.

Though China faced a heavy loss of $􂀀 billion in 2011 because of curtailed wind power, the country has invested in improving its capacity to handle the stochastic factor in renewables through an ultra-short-term 4-hour-ahead forecast with 15-minute intervals and the enforcement of wind curtailment rules.

Denmark’s unique forecasting system is designed to make realistic predictions by comparing the actual output of RE as opposed to the previous day’s predictions. Generation Mix

Germany plans to increase the share of RE to 􂀀% by 2020 and an average share of 􂀀% by 2030. Germany has efficiently used the surplus in coal power to offset the variability in renewables.

Denmark enjoys the benefit of insignificant wind curtailment, compared to other European countries such as Spain, and is one of the earliest countries to anticipate the need for flexible coal plants, resulting in ramping rates of 􂀀 to 􂀀%, which is higher than the ramping rates of Germany’s conventional plants.

About thiss report

Over the last decade, the development of renewable energy installations across many countries has surged. Given the stochastic nature of renewable energy sources, some countries are tackling the challenges of integrating larger shares of renewables into their power grid systems. This global market insight looks into some of the best practices adopted by developed countries on their ability to integrate effectively large shares of renewable energy power into the grid as well as understand the changing utility business landscape and evolving trends in storage technologies.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • CEO's Perspective-RE Market
    • Overview-Key Objective and Geographic Scope
    • RE Market-Key Questions This Study Will Answer
    • Best Practices-Snapshots of Key Strategies
    • RE Market-Key Strategies
    • Challenges and Consequences
    • European RE Market-Overview
    • ENTSO-E-An Overview
    • Network Codes-The 10 Key Codes
    • Design Framework-How Are Renewables Connected?
  • Global Renewable Energy Outlook
    • Policies and Regulations-Southeast Asia
    • Policies and Regulations-South Asia and ANZ
    • Policies and Regulations-The Americas
    • Policies and Regulations-The Middle East
    • Policies and Regulations-North Africa
    • Policies and Regulations-Europe
    • Policies and Regulations-Key Trends and Outlook
    • RE-Trends and Outlook
    • RE-Global Landscape
    • RE-Investor's Perspective
    • Geographical Hotspots-Policies That Drive RE Integration
  • Renewable Energy Integration-Utility Perspective
    • RE-Challenges Faced by Utilities
    • RE Integration Hotspots-Regions, TSOs, and Utilities
    • How Are Utilities Weathering the Storm?
  • Renewable Energy Integration-Best Practices
    • Germany
    • Germany: Key Success Factors
    • Germany: Key Success Factors Discussion
    • Denmark
    • Denmark: Key Success Factors
    • Denmark: Key Success Factors Discussion
    • California
    • California: Key Success Factors
    • California: Key Success Factors Discussion
    • Value Chain Analysis-California's Way
    • Australia
    • Australia: Key Objectives and Factors (Stocktake Project)
    • China
    • China: Key Influencing Factors
    • Japan
    • Japan: Building the Right Strategy
    • Spain
    • Singapore Chapter: Microgrid Initiative
    • Ongoing Interconnection Projects-ASEAN
      • Table RE Market: Ongoing Interconnection Projects, ASEAN, 2014
    • Ongoing Interconnection Projects-Europe
      • Table RE Market: Ongoing Interconnection Projects, Europe, 2014
    • Ongoing Interconnection Projects-North America
      • Table RE Market: Ongoing Interconnection Projects, North America, 2014
    • Integration into the Grid-3 Big Mistakes in Europe
  • Renewable Energy Integration-Technology
    • Key Technologies-Overview
    • Effective Storage Solutions-An Overview
    • Battery Technology Investment Cost
    • Wind-to-Hydrogen Project-A Cutting Edge Mechanism
    • Wind2H2 Project-Key Components Explained
    • Short-term Wind Forecasting Technology-An Overview
    • HyRef by IBM-Can Forecasting Get Anymore Interesting?
  • Renewable Energy Integration-Taxonomy
    • Key Stages in RE Integration-Global Perspective
    • Public-Private Partnership Scale RE Integration Project-Key Steps across the Value Chain
  • The Last Word
    • Towards 100% RE Integration
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions

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