Global Haemophilia Therapeutics Market

Global Haemophilia Therapeutics Market

2014 turned out to be a flagship year in the development of recombinant factor replacement therapies for haemophilia.

oBiogen Idec got Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for two of its recombinant therapies, FVIII (Eloctate) and FIX (Alprolix), in 2014.

Baxter’s Obizur, which is a novel recombinant porcine FVIII product used to treat patients with acquired haemophilia A (a rare bleeding disorder) and inhibitors, gained FDA approval in October 2014.

Biological License Application (BLA) was submitted for four recombinant FVII therapies, including BAX 111 (Baxter), BAX 855 (Baxter), BAY 81-8973 (Bayer), and Nuwiq® (Octapharma), as well as one recombinant FIX therapy, namely rIX-FP (CSL Behring).

Within the next two years (2015 and 2016), in the United States alone nearly seven new products are expected to enter the haemophilia recombinant therapeutics market.

The new products are likely to offer significant efficacy and moderate convenience benefits to patients, providing considerable incentives to switch to newer therapies, especially in the rFIX segment.

The global haemophilia therapeutics market was valued at $􂀀 billion in 2014 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 􂀀% to reach $􂀀 billion in 2019.

Increased uptake of recombinant therapies and prophylactic use, coupled with improved diagnosis of the disease, is expected to drive the growth of the global haemophilia therapeutics market.

Recombinant therapies are likely to command a premium price and drive growth in the developed markets, while increased access to treatment and volumes per patient are likely to contribute to growth in the emerging markets.

About this report

This research service focuses on the global haemophilia therapeutics market, with a particular focus on recently FDA-approved drugs and late-stage compounds for the treatment of haemophilia A, haemophilia B, inhibitors, and von Willebrand Disease. Pipeline analysis outlines the major FDA-approved haemophilia products, which include those submitted for regulatory review and those in Phase I, II, and III of clinical development. The study also provides an overview of the major clinical trials of recently approved or late-stage pipeline candidates. Novel technologies to extend product half-life and potential future therapies for haemophilia patients have also been discussed.

  • Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary-Key Findings
    • Haemophilia Drugs Market-Game-changing Strategies
    • Key Merger, Acquisition, and Partnership Assessment
    • Methodology and Scope
  • Introduction
    • Classification of Haemophilia
    • Treatment Guidelines for Haemophilia Therapy-Prophylactic or On-demand
    • Market Overview-Segmentation
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Epidemiology and Patient Forecasts
    • Haemophilia-Prevalence and Incidence
    • Haemophilia-Global Prevalence and Treatment Rates
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Trends and Revenue Forecasts
    • Forecast Assumptions and Definitions
    • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Revenue Forecast
      • Table Total Haemophilia Therapeutics Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2012-2019
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Increasing Use of Recombinant and Prophylactic Treatment
    • Variation in Adoption of Prophylactic Therapy by Region
    • Annual Switching Rates in Haemophilia
    • Global Haemophilia A and vWD Therapeutics Market Revenue Forecast
      • Table Haemophilia A and vWD Therapeutics Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2012-2019
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Haemophilia B Therapeutics Market-Revenue Forecast
      • Table Haemophilia B Therapeutics Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2012-2019
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Inhibitors (Bypassing Agents) Market-Revenue Forecast
      • Table Inhibitors (Bypassing Agents) Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2012-2019
    • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Marketed Product Analysis
    • Product Analysis-F VIII (Haemophilia A) and FVIII/vWF (vWD)
    • Product Analysis-Factor IX (Haemophilia B)
    • Product Analysis-Factor VIIa (Inhibitors)
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Pipeline Analysis
    • Haemophilia Drugs-Competitive Landscape of Products in Development
    • Haematological Drugs-Pipeline Analysis
    • Pipeline Analysis-F VIII (Haemophilia A) and FVIII/VWF (VWD)
    • Pipeline Analysis-F IX (Haemophilia B)
    • Pipeline Analysis-F VIIa (Inhibitors)
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Major Clinical Milestones
    • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Major Ongoing/Recently Completed Clinical Trials
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Product Dashboard of Recently Approved and Late-stage Pipeline Drug Candidates
    • Eloctate-Biogen Idec/SOBI
    • NovoEight (Turoctocog alfa)-Novo Nordisk
    • BAX 111-Baxter
    • BAX 855-Baxter
    • BAY81-8973-Bayer
    • Nuwiq/Human-cl rhFVIII (simotocog alfa)-Octapharma
    • BAY94-9027-Bayer
    • N8-GP (turoctocog alfa pegol)-Novo Nordisk
    • rVIII-Single Chain-CSL Behring
    • Alprolix-Biogen Idec/SOBI
    • Rixubis-Baxter
    • rIX-FP-CSL Behring
    • IB1001-Cangene (Emergent Biosolutions)
    • N9-GP (nonacog beta pegol)-Novo Nordisk
    • Obizur-Baxter
    • BAX 817-Baxter
    • LR769-rEVO Biologics/LFB
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Future Therapies and Novel Technologies to Extend Half-life
    • Novel Technologies that Extend Half-life of Factor Concentrates
    • Novel Pipeline Therapies-Gene Therapy
    • Novel Pipeline Therapies-RNA Interference
    • Novel Pipeline Therapies-Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Timeline of Key Events
    • Haemophilia A Therapeutics (FVIII) Market-Timeline of Key Events
    • Haemophilia B Therapeutics (FIX) Market-Timeline of Key Events
    • Inhibitors (Bypassing Agents) (FVIIa) Market-Timeline of Key Events
  • Haemophilia Therapeutics Market-Key Companies to Watch
    • Leading Big Pharma Companies-SWOT Analysis
      • Bayer
      • Baxter
      • Novo Nordisk
      • Pfizer
    • Key Companies to Watch-SWOT Analysis
      • Biogen Idec
      • CSL Behring
    • Comparative Product Analysis of Key Market Participants
  • Conclusions
    • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendix
    • List of Abbreviations

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