Global Energy Storage Market Outlook, 2017

Global Energy Storage Market Outlook, 2017

2017 will represent a breakout year for distributed energy storage, largely driven by the battery energy storage market. The utility-scale market is expected to continue the strong growth shown in 2016. The global market revenue will increase by 30% by the end of 2017, driven by continued price declines in battery systems, the establishment of procurement mandates in key international markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom, increased battery participation in open balancing markets in the United Kingdom and Germany, new standards for renewable integration in Japan, congestion management across key renewable energy markets, growth of renewable energy hybrid plants in developing countries, and continued financing support from governments into storage and micro-grid project piloting. The engine behind market growth for 2017, however, will exist in the residential and commercial sectors. The opening of new markets in the United States, Australia, and Europe through subsidy support and the ending of feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic (PV) systems have resulted in a flurry of competitors entering these markets, with PV kit distributors, utilities, and installers promoting storage solutions. The residential battery storage market is expected to show a massive 73.9% growth in 2017.

Market trends have been analysed for 2016 and 2017, with the base year as 2016. The study is divided into 3 separate chapters addressing the storage market: battery energy storage (e.g., utility scale, non-residential, and residential); alternative energy storage technologies (e.g., thermal, flywheels, supercapacitors, and compressed air energy storage); and battery storage for consumer, industrial, and electric vehicle applications.

The study assesses and discusses the companies launching new innovative storage solutions in 2017. Some companies considered for the study include Ice Energy, STORNETIC GmbH, Viking Cold Solutions™ Inc, Murata Manufacturing, Duke Energy Corporation, Statoil ASA, Moixa Energy Holdings Ltd, Trinabess, SENEC.IES, Redflow Limited, and CircuiTree.

The following are key questions this study will answer:
• What are the growth opportunities, and where do they exist for market participants?
• Which technologies are transforming the energy storage industry?
• What application markets represent the greatest opportunity for storage solutions?
• What are the transformation trends of the energy storage industry in 2017?
• Which companies are releasing new innovative products in 2017?

  • Executive Summary
    • Energy Storage Market Predictions for 2017
    • Global Energy Storage Technologies Forecast for 2017
    • Top 5 Attractive Countries in 2017-Total Installation Forecast of Energy Storage Projects
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
    • Research Scope
    • Market Definition and Segmentation
  • 2017 Industry Outlook-Alternative Energy Storage Technologies: Market Overview
    • Key 2017 Alternative ESS Market Predictions
  • Alternative Energy Storage Technologies- Technology Trends
    • Alternative Energy Storage Technologies Lifecycle
    • Key Technology Trends for 2017
    • TES Technology
    • CAES Technology
    • Flywheel Energy Storage Technology
    • Supercapacitors
    • New Technologies-Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES)
  • Alternative Energy Storage Technologies- Regional Analysis
    • Global Alternative Energy Storage Technologies Forecast for 2017
    • Alternative Energy Storage Market Trends
    • Regional Trends-North America
      • Table Energy Storage Outlook: Capacity Addition, North America, 2017
    • Regional Trends-Europe
      • Table Energy Storage Outlook: Capacity Addition, Europe, 2017
    • Regional Trends-APAC
      • Table Energy Storage Outlook: Capacity Addition in 2017, APAC, 2017
  • Alternative Energy Storage Technologies- Application Analysis
    • Alternative Energy Storage Technologies-Applications
    • Emerging Business Models of ESS
  • 2017 Industry Outlook-Battery Energy Storage Systems: Market Overview
    • Key Battery Market Trends for 2017
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems-Market Analysis
    • Market Size and Growth
    • Market Forecast-Grid-scale BESS
      • Table Energy Storage Outlook: Grid-scale BESS Operational Market Size, Global, 2016
      • Table Energy Storage Outlook: Grid-scale BESS Operational Market Size, Global, 2017
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems-Regional Analysis
    • 2016 Geographic Segmentation-Grid-scale BESS
    • 2017 Geographic Segmentation-Grid-scale BESS
    • Regional Trends-APAC
    • Regional Trends-Europe
    • Regional Trends-North America
    • BESS Global Market Attractiveness
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems- Technology Spotlight
    • Technology Spotlight*
    • Battery Energy Storage Technology Trends
    • Key Technology Trends
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems-Global Policies
    • Storage Market Policies-Global Incentives
  • 2017 Industry Outlook-Battery Storage (Consumer, Industrial, and EV Applications)
    • Battery Storage Trend for Consumer, Industrial, and EV Applications
    • Li-ion Device Batteries-Are They Safe?
    • Market Size and Growth
    • EV Battery Market Size and Growth
  • Battery Storage (Consumer, Industrial, and EV Applications)-Regional Analysis
    • Regional Trends-APAC
    • Regional Trends-Europe
    • Regional Trends-North America
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Major Growth Opportunities for Residential, C&I, and Utility Applications
    • Major Growth Opportunities for BTM and Molten Silicon Thermal Storage Applications
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth-Critical Success Factors for Growth of ESS Technologies across Regions
    • Companies to Watch-New Product/Technology/Service Launches in 2017
  • Key Conclusions
    • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
  • Appendix
    • Top Economic Trends-2017
    • Top Economic Predictions-2017
    • Top Predictions in 2017-Advanced Economies
    • Top Predictions in 2017-BRICS Nations
    • Top 20 Largest Global Economies in 2016
    • Top 20 Fastest-growing Global Economies-2015 to 2017
    • Global Economic Snapshot-2015-2017
    • Other Macro-Economic Highlights-2017
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
    • Additional Sources of Information on the Energy Storage Market

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