Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2018

Global Connected Truck Telematics Outlook, 2018

This study aims to analyze the global connected truck (commercial vehicle telematics) market for 2018. To start with, it offers a brief discussion on the global economic overview (predictions, growth index, fastest-growing economies, GDP growth). The focus is on market trends, and the key trends under study include the entry of non-traditional telematics companies; telematics shaping the future of smart cities; the significance of video safety systems; open platform telematics; disruption within the value chain; platooning for commercial applications; and efforts to improve data privacy and enhanced cyber security. In addition, business and technology drivers for logistics innovation are discussed, with an emphasis on regulations/mandates.

The study also analyzes regional trends (Europe, North America, Latin America, China, Republic of South Africa, India, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Japan) in services, solutions, and technologies for specific segments, such as light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles. Key takeaways from Frost & Sullivan's Voice of Customer Research for Europe and the Americas are highlighted, along with revenue opportunities created by fleet management systems (FMS), digital freight brokering, platooning/autonomous trucks, Big Data, and video safety systems. The FMS market is further analyzed by segment, application, and region. Moreover, the study covers the prospect of business software solutions integrated into mainstream FMS packages as well as a 2018 growth/revenue analysis for vendors and regions.

Market measurements have been analyzed for 2017, 2018, and 2025: global telematics installed base snapshot, telematics penetration by segment, and year-on-year growth rates by region. Strategies, growth analysis, competitive landscape, and future focus are discussed for after-market vendors (Verizon Telematics, Fleet Complete, Omnitracs, TomTom Telematics, Geotab, OnCommand, Microlise, Masternaut, RIO, and Trimble Navigation, for example) and OEMs (Volvo Trucks, Daimler Trucks, Fleetboard, MAN, DynaFleet, Scania, Paccar, Hino, Isuzu, and Tata, for example) pertaining to 2018 and 2025.

The base year for the study is 2017, with a forecast period from 2018 to 2025.
Key Issues Addressed
What are the top trends that will drive the connected truck telematics market in 2018? What impact will these trends have on the market?
What are the key developments to watch out for in 2018? What are the companies to watch out for?
What was the market size in 2017? How is it expected to grow in 2018? What will be the status by 2025?
What is the impact of regulatory and macroeconomic trends on market growth?
What are the opportunities available for connected truck vendors (aftermarket and OEMs) in 2018?

  • Executive Summary
    • 2017 Recap
    • Regional Connected Truck Market Outlook-Installed Base YoY
    • Perceived Importance of Trends across Regions
    • Key Findings-Top 5 Predictions for 2018
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Global Economic Overview
    • Top 2017 Economic Trends
    • Top 2018 Economic Predictions
    • Top 2018 Predictions-Advanced Economies
    • Global GDP Growth Snapshot
    • Top 20 Fastest-growing Economies in 2017 and 2018
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
    • Research Scope
    • CV-Definitions and Segments
    • Definitions-Types of Telematics Solutions
    • Definitions-Types of Business Models
  • 2018 Global M/HCV Market Outlook
    • Potentially Disruptive Business Models
    • CV Market-Senior Management's Top-of-Mind Issues
    • Global GDP and Commercial Trucks Market-Growth Outlook
      • Table CV Market: GDP and CV Growth Outlook Overview, Global, 2018
  • 2018 Connected Truck Telematics Market-Key Developments
    • Frost & Sullivan Regional Predictions-Key Talking Points
    • Pursuit of Emerging Markets and Expanding Global Coverage
    • Key Regulations and Mandates-A Snapshot
    • OEM Solutions and Dedicated Providers
    • Tier 1 Suppliers' Continued Run in the Connected Truck Industry
  • Trends Shaping the Global Connected Truck Telematics Market (2018)
    • Top Trends Driving the Connected Truck Telematics Market
    • Trend 1-Entry of Non-traditional Telematics Companies
    • Trend 2-Telematics will Shape the Future of Smart Cities
    • Trend 3-Significance of Video Safety Systems
    • Trend 4-Open Platform Telematics; Disruption within the Value Chain
    • Trend 5-Platooning Gears Up for Commercial Applications
    • Trend 6-Efforts to Improve Data Privacy and Enhance Cyber Security
  • Telematics Product and Pricing Analysis (2018)
    • Regional Connected Truck Market Forecast by Product Type
      • Table Connected Truck Telematics Outlook: Market Forecast by Product Type, Global, 2018
    • Identifying Key Industry Pain Points-How Telematics Can Help
    • Regional Pricing and Service Model Analysis-2018
    • FMS Packaging-Outlook of Individual Services' Integration
    • FMS Role-Toward Autonomous Capability
    • Key Technologies Driving the Autonomous Phase
  • Voice of Customer Research-EU and Americas
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Methodology-Questions About Fleet Telematics Services
    • Familiarity of Fleet Telematics Solutions-EU and Americas
    • Key Challenges in Fleet Operations-Top 7
    • Widely Used Non-telematics Solutions-EU and Americas
  • Connected Truck Regional Analysis
    • 2018 Regional Analysis-Europe
    • 2018 Vendor Analysis-Europe
    • 2018 Regional Analysis-North America
    • 2018 Vendor Analysis-North America
    • 2018 Regional Analysis-South Africa
    • 2018 Vendor Analysis-South Africa
    • 2018 Regional Analysis-India
    • 2018 Vendor Analysis-India
  • Identifying Key Countries-Market Readiness versus Acceptability
    • Table Connected Truck Telematics Outlook: Market Readiness versus Acceptability, Global, 2018
  • Market Measurement Analysis (2018)
    • Snapshot of Global Installed Base of Connected Trucks by Region
    • 2018Telematics Installed Base-Next-generation Markets
      • Table Connected Truck Telematics Outlook: Next-generation Markets, Global, 2017 and 2018
    • Global Connected LCV and M/HCV Contribution
    • Regional Connected Truck Market Outlook-LCV, MCV, and HCV
    • Regional LCV and M/HCV Telematics Penetration
    • Regional Connected Truck Telematics Market-Service Revenue Analysis
    • Regional Analysis by Service Revenue
  • Opportunity Analysis (2018)
    • Growth Opportunity-Technology and Partnerships
    • Strategic Imperatives
  • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook (2018)
    • Outlook 2018-Vendors to Look Out for; a Frost & Sullivan Perspective
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms Used

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