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Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2018

Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2018

The automotive landscape is rapidly changing every year. The convergence of various technologies and industries with the automotive space is creating numerous opportunities in the market. Digitization and connectivity are generating large volumes of usage data, which will enable new revenue streams such as data monetization in the automotive industry. The prices of electric vehicle (EV) batteries are constantly declining, which is making EVs affordable, contributing to an increase in their sales. Even as EVs power their way ahead with record sales, the supporting infrastructure of the charging stations is not keeping pace. OEMs have to work with partners and government agencies to set up more charging stations and establish a universal charging standard.

It is important for stakeholders in the automotive industry to be aware of the dynamically evolving trends and ways in which they can be monetized. This study provides a snapshot of the key happenings in the automotive industry in 2017 and a strategic outlook for 2018.

Some of the disruptive trends in the automotive industry include: voice recognition-driven personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, reduction in EV battery prices, and the application of deep learning in autonomous vehicle (AV) development.

Other key trends include:
• Long-range EVs—OEMs will target EVs with more than 300 mile range by utilizing a flat battery storage design
• Decline of diesel—In 2018, sale of diesel cars will continue to decline, as governments announce stronger air quality control moves including higher tax bands in Europe
• Inclusion of driver monitoring systems in level 2 and 3 cars—Driver monitoring will be a key focus area in 2018, with companies incorporating a range of driver monitoring systems into their vehicles

Examples of start-ups discussed in the study are:
• Volocopter—A flying car company, which recently received funding from Daimler
• Argus Cybersecurity—Acquired by Continental in 2017
• Cymotive—A cyber security company set up by Volkswagen and its partners
• La'Zooz—A ridesharing app company, which uses crypto currency technology
• Car Vertical—A blockchain-based car history registry

Key Issues Addressed
What were the disruptive trends that influenced the automotive industry in 2017?
What are the data monetization-driven business models that will gain prominence in 2018?
What is the next stage of evolution for electric vehicles?
What are the latest technologies that are poised to accelerate the development of autonomous cars?
How has Brexit impacted automotive investments in the United Kingdom?

  • Executive Summary
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
    • Research Scope
    • Vehicle Segmentation
  • Global Automotive Sales Trends
    • Global LV Sales by Region in 2017 and 2018—Snapshot
    • Winners of 2017
    • Global LV Sales of Top 20 OEM Groups
    • Global LV Sales of Top 30 Automotive Markets
    • LV Sales of Top 15 Chinese OEM Groups in China
    • Top 5 Markets by Sales Volume in 2017
    • Key Regional Markets—United States
    • Key Regional Markets—Brazil and Russia
    • Key Regional Markets—India and China
    • Key Regional Markets—Emerging Economies
    • Key Regional Markets—Europe (G5 Vs E5)
  • Automotive Trends to Watch Out for
    • Top 20 Trends for the Automotive Industry in 2018
    • Trend 1—Digitization of the Automotive Industry
    • Trend 2—Downstream Services to Drive Auto Industry Revenue Growth
    • Trend 3—OEMs Betting on AI, Data Monetization, and Voice Recognition
    • Trend 4—Automotive Data Monetization: Total Addressable Market
    • Trend 4—Data Monetization: Key Consumers and Use Cases
    • Trend 5—Big Push Toward EVs with Related Manufacturing Investments
    • Trend 6—Future Mobility Initiatives Poised to Take Off
    • Trend 7—Key OEMs Selling Their Vehicles Online
    • Trend 8—The Dawn of Blockchain Platforms in Automotive
    • Trend 9—Impending Advent of Automated Taxis
    • Trend 10—Urban Lifestyle Vehicles Becoming the New Entry Luxury
    • Trend 11—Rising Inventory Stock and Dealership Discounts
      • Table Automotive Industry Outlook: Vehicle Production and Sales, Global, 2014–2016
    • Trend 12—Impact of Brexit on Automotive Investments
    • Trend 13—Trump Impact on the Global Automotive Industry
    • Trend 14—Cyber Security to be Integral to the Automotive Ecosystem
    • Trend 15—Rise of Aftermarket e-Retailers
    • Trend 16—OEM Investments in Flying Cars Technologies to Increase
    • Trend 17—FinTech to Enable New Automotive Transactions
    • Trend 18—Rise of Cognitive Mobility in Automotive
    • Trend 19—OEMs Re-assessing their Corporate Strategies with Eye on Future
    • Trend 20—OEMs Pursuing Vehicle/Model `Doubling Up' Strategy
  • ASEAN Outlook—Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Malaysia—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
    • Malaysia—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
      • Table ASEAN Outlook: Passenger Vehicles Market Shares, Malaysia, 2015–2017*
    • Indonesia—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
    • Indonesia—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
      • Table ASEAN Outlook: PV Market Shares, Indonesia, 2015–2017*
    • Thailand—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Segment Trends
    • Thailand—2017 Passenger Vehicles Market: Key Participants
      • Table ASEAN Outlook: PV Market Shares, Thailand, 2015–2017*
    • Predictions for 2018
  • LATAM Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Unit Vehicle Sales Forecast by Powertrain Mix by Country
    • Unit Vehicle Sales Forecast by Transmission Mix by Country
    • Growing Vehicle Segments in LATAM
    • Top Transformational Shifts and Trends Impacting Growing Vehicle Segments in LATAM
    • OEMs in LATAM Shifting Focus Toward Car-as-a-Service (CaaS)
    • Taxi and eHailing Market—LATAM
      • Table eHailing Market*: Total Number of Taxis and Ridehailing Vehicles and App Penetration, Latin America, 2015–2025
    • Vehicle Feature Opportunities in LATAM
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Mobility Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Traditional Carsharing—Global Membership and Fleet Size
      • Table Mobility Outlook: Carsharing Membership, Global, 2014–2017
      • Table Mobility Outlook: Carsharing Fleet Size, Global, 2014–2017
    • P2P Carsharing Market—Overview
    • Ridesharing Industry Overview—Europe and North America
    • Ridesharing Market Estimates—North America and Europe
    • eHailing Apps—Global Snapshot
    • eHailng—Connected Vehicles and Revenue
      • Table Mobility Outlook: eHailing Connected Vehicles, Global, 2015–2017
      • Table Mobility Outlook: eHailing Market Revenue, Global, 2015–2017
    • Integrated Mobility Landscape
    • Integrated Mobility Uniting Service Providers
    • List of Start-ups in the Mobility Ecosystem
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Powertrain Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Global Powertrain Mix—Sales Snapshot
    • Powertrain Technology Roadmap—Gasoline
    • Engine Downsizing and Dual Clutch Transmissions
    • Advanced Powertrain Technologies—Summary
    • Regional Analysis of xEVs (North America)
      • Table Sales Forecast by xEV Type, North America, 2015–2025
    • Regional Analysis of xEVs (Europe)
      • Table xEV Sales Forecast by xEV Type, Europe, 2015–2025
    • Predictions for 2018
  • eMobility Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Global xEV Market Scenario Analysis—2015 to 2025
      • Table eMobilty Outlook: xEV Market Scenario Analysis, Global, 2015–2025
    • Consumers Preference—PHEVs Vs BEVs
    • Driveline Systems Life Cycle Analysis
    • Adaptive Steering Technology Migration
    • Existing AC Charging Points in 2017
    • Existing DC Charging Points in 2017—CHAdeMO Vs Combo
    • Next Wave—Ultra-fast EV Charging
    • List of Start-ups in the EV Ecosystem
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Autonomous Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Top Trends Driving the AD Market—2017
    • Major OEM Strategy for Stepwise Introduction of AD
    • Global Level Adoption of Semi and Highly Automated Vehicles
      • Table Autonomous Outlook: Value, Global, 2017–2025
    • European V2X Applications Roadmap
    • Overview of Active Safety and AD Feature Availability
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Connectivity and Telematics Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Navigation System Evolution
    • Navigation Data Standard (NDS)—Ecosystem Evolution
    • NDS—Addressable Market
    • Automotive Access Systems Road Map—Future Innovations
    • Automotive Access Systems Market—Extended Ecosystem Participants
    • Proactive First Notification of Loss (FNOL)
    • Usage-based Insurance (UBI) Product Types
    • Automotive OEMs—IoT Platforms
    • Data Monetization—Direct and Indirect Revenue Opportunities
    • Notable Start-ups in the Connected Car Ecosystem
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Automotive Retailing Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Automotive Digital Retailing—Vision 2020
    • New Customer Journey Already Digital
    • Digitizing through Reality Tools (VR/AR/MR)
    • Degree of Digitalization in Car Retailing—2010 to 2020
    • Future Automotive Retail Ecosystem
    • EV Retailing Strategies for the Future
    • Used Car Retailing—Key Dynamics
    • Certified Used Car Retailing—Challenges
    • Amazon in Car Retailing—Future Potential
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Aftermarket Outlook
    • Highlights of 2017
    • Global Automotive Aftermarket—eRetailing Overview
    • Global Aftermarket Start-up Ecosystem—Key Regional Growth Drivers
    • Analysis of Key Sources of Funding of Select Aftermarket Start-ups
    • List of Notable Start-ups in the Aftermarket Ecosystem
    • Predictions for 2018
  • Growth Opportunities, Critical Success Factors, and Conclusions
    • Growth Opportunities
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
    • Conclusions and 2018 Outlook
  • Appendix
    • Select New Vehicle Launches 2017
    • Upcoming Vehicle Launches 2018

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