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Global Automotive Aftermarket Outlook, 2019

Global Automotive Aftermarket Outlook, 2019

The global automotive aftermarket revenues will rise during 2019, buoyed by the growth in developing markets, unravelling new opportunities for passenger car and light truck parts and service providers, especially in the emerging markets. This research compiles findings from various deliverable published by Frost & Sullivan Mobility Team over the past two years. While the report includes key highlights of the Global Automotive Aftermarket during 2018, it also covers 2019 outlook in North America, Europe, China, India, and Latin America. The research includes analyses of vehicles in operation, vehicle ownership patterns, and aftermarket replacement revenues for top part categories. The report also highlights impact of sales in 2018 on the total model mix across regions, trends in eRetailing and also impact of data monetization on the automotive aftermarket. Regional aftermarket opportunities are also highlighted. Analysis includes identification of influencers and opportunities related to the automotive aftermarket in each region under scope. It includes analysis of Mega Trends impacting the global automotive aftermarket, with a specific focus on Digitization and Telematics in the aftermarket ecosystem – emergence of data monetization avenues and its implications on the aftermarket. Smart contracts and impact of blockchain find key mentions. Specific conclusions and an outlook are also presented for each region, along with identifying strategic imperatives for different market participants, keeping the outlook at the forefront.

Key Trends covered in the 2019 Aftermarket Outlook:
• ADAS Sensors & Recalibration Demand
• Data Monetization Gains Traction in Repair Management
• Shared Mobility Servicing
• Impact of Blockchain
• Voice Strategy

The research report also sheds light upon expansion of private labels in the eCommerce spectrum, growth of SUVs and trucks in recent past, impact of trade barriers on aftermarket growth, digitization in vehicle services, and impact of annual miles driven on the parts demand among others

The scope of the research deliverable is global research on automotive aftermarket for the years 2018 and 2019 for the passenger vehicle segment

Key Issues Addressed
What are the main factors that will influence the size of the global automotive aftermarket in 2019?
How does the industry outlook vary from region to region?
What developments in the global automotive aftermarket from 2018 will have an impact in 2019?
What is the outlook for eRetailing in each region during 2019?
How are emerging regions being served, or under-served, by automotive parts and services suppliers?

  • Executive Summary
    • 2018 in Numbers—Key Highlights
    • 2018 in Trends—Key Highlights
    • 2019 in Numbers—Key Predictions
    • 2019 in Trends—Key Predictions
  • Research Scope and Objectives
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Global Economic Trends
    • Top 2018 Global Economic Trends
    • Top 2019 Global Economic Predictions
    • Top 2019 Predictions—Advanced Economies
    • Top 2019 Predictions—Emerging Economies
    • World GDP Growth Snapshot
    • World's 20 Fastest Growing Economies in 2018 and 2019
  • Global Automotive Aftermarket Overview
    • Global Light VIO
    • Global Aftermarket Revenue Market Size Potential
      • Table Automotive Aftermarket: Manufacturer-level Replacement Parts Revenue by Category, Global, 2018–2019
    • Global Aftermarket—Growth Opportunity Analysis
    • Global Average Annual Miles Driven—2018 and 2019
    • Global Vehicle and Brand Trends
    • Impact of Regional Climatic Conditions on Aftermarket—El Nino
    • Impact of Regional Climatic Conditions on Aftermarket—La Nina
    • Global Automotive Aftermarket—2019 eRetailing Overview
    • Amazon Aftermarket Strategy
    • Alibaba Aftermarket Strategy
    • Growth in Uberization of Vehicle Services
    • Key Aftermarket Developments in 2018—Global
    • Key Policies and Regulations—2019
    • Long-Term Trends (2019 and Beyond)
    • Trend 1—ADAS Recalibration
    • Trend 2—Data Monetization in Aftermarket Ecosystem
    • Trend 3—Shared Mobility Services
    • Trend 4—Impact of Blockchain
    • Trend 5—Voice Strategy
  • North American Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
    • Regional Outlook—U.S.
    • Regional Outlook—Canada
    • North America Aftermarket Dashboard
    • Aftermarket Outlook—Revenue by Parts Type
    • VIO Ownership Pattern
    • Vehicle in Operation Model Mix—North America
    • Automotive Aftermarket Opportunity Areas
  • European Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
    • Regional Outlook—Europe
    • Europe—Aftermarket Dashboard
    • Aftermarket Outlook—Revenue by Parts Type
    • VIO Ownership Pattern
    • Vehicle in Operation Model Mix—Europe
    • Automotive Aftermarket Opportunity Areas
  • Chinese Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
    • Regional Outlook—China
    • China—Aftermarket Dashboard
    • Aftermarket Outlook—Revenue by Parts Type, China
    • VIO Ownership Pattern
    • Vehicle in Operation Model Mix—China
    • Automotive Aftermarket—Opportunity Areas in China
  • Latin America Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
    • Regional Outlook—Latin America
    • Latin America Aftermarket Dashboard
    • Aftermarket Outlook—Revenue by Parts Type
    • VIO Ownership Pattern
    • Vehicle in Operation Model Mix—LATAM
    • Automotive Aftermarket—Opportunity Areas in Latin America
  • Indian Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
    • Regional Outlook
    • Aftermarket Dashboard
    • Aftermarket Outlook—Revenue by Parts Type
    • VIO Ownership Pattern
    • Vehicle in Operation Model Mix
    • Automotive Aftermarket Opportunity Areas
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity—Data Monetization and Blockchain
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
    • 2019 in Numbers—Key Predictions
    • 2019 in Trends—Key Predictions
  • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
    • The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • 2019 Research Plan
    • 2018 Published Research
    • 2017 Published Research

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