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Future of Rechargeable Batteries — Beyond Li-ion (Technical Insights)

Future of Rechargeable Batteries — Beyond Li-ion (Technical Insights)

Currently, lithium-ion batteries have the largest market share in rechargeable batteries and will continue to have the lion’s share in the market for the next few years as it is the only battery that can deliver a high amount of specific and power density at an affordable cost.

A mature but proven battery technology such as the lead-based battery will also have a huge market share from various applications in the foreseeable future.

Emerging chemistries, for example, flow-based and advanced lithium-based batteries, pose a considerable threat to incumbent lithium-ion-based and lead-based batteries.

However, most of the emerging chemistries are still in research and development phase, and the threat posed by these batteries to the market share of the incumbents depends on how fast commercialization can be enabled, and the response from end users.

The automotive industry shows a great preference for lithium-based chemistries, and most industry players have already switched from the nickel-based battery to lithium-based batteries. Improvement in the lithium-based battery, especially in terms of safety, have made the transition easier.

Quality of power output of emerging chemistries is driving their adoption in the healthcare industry, despite the higher price tag. In the telecommunications and utility-grid sectors, penetration of emerging battery systems is also good because these sectors only require stationary battery systems.

About this report

This study covers the development of different battery chemistries including lead-based, lithium-based, sodium-based, nickel-based, zinc-based and flow batteries. The study also analyses the application sectors that employ these batteries, mainly automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, consumer electronics and utility-grid, and the innovations occurring in each sector. Also included are recent events with regards to technology management strategies, and a technology roadmap summarizing the growth of battery technologies between 2015-2020.

  • Executive Summary
    • Technical Insights-Research Process and Methodology
    • Key Findings
    • Summary of Battery Properties
    • Mapping of Battery Types vs. Application Sectors
  • Technology Snapshot and Challenges
  • Application Landscape
    • Automotive -- Industry snapshot
    • Automotive -- Current and Forecasted Market Share
    • Automotive -- Research and Development Snapshot
    • Healthcare -- Industry snapshot
    • Healthcare -- Current and Forecasted Market Share
    • Healthcare -- Research and Development Snapshot
    • Telecommunications -- Industry snapshot
    • Telecommunications -- Current and Forecasted Market Share
    • Telecommunications -- Research and Development Snapshot
    • Consumer Electronics -- Industry snapshot
    • Consumer Electronics -- Current and Forecasted Market Share
    • Consumer Electronics -- Research and Development Snapshot
    • Utility-Grid -- Industry snapshot
    • Utility-Grid -- Current and Forecasted Market Share
    • Utility-Grid -- Research and Development Snapshot
  • Technology Management Strategy
    • Technology Licensing
    • Commercial Partnership
    • Spin-off
    • Merger/Acquisition
  • The Roadmap
    • Emerging Technology Roadmap
  • Appendix
    • Some Key Patents
    • Contact Details

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