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FinTech—Growth Opportunities in the Global Market

FinTech—Growth Opportunities in the Global Market

Technology-enabled financial products and services are disrupting the FinTech industry. The new products, services, and solutions are equipped with advanced technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine language (ML). The objectives of the study are to explore:

• The emerging products and services
• The trends in the tech-enabled sub-segments of the financial services industry
• The drivers and restraints in the new ecosystem
• Trends across different regions
• Growth opportunities across the industry

Research Benefits
The use of technology across the financial services industry is growing. Some of the more popular products and services are likely to be the ones that serve previously untapped market segments. Trends that are unique to local markets tend to stand out and find greater acceptance by the consumers. Similarly, start-ups with unique value propositions and strong technology back-up will do well. Incumbents across the world are slow to respond to these trends; however, there are clearly some outliers. The research provides insights into strategic and positioning decisions and discusses growth opportunities across different areas such as technology, business models, services, and products. Different stakeholders in the industry use different methods to stay relevant in a changing marketplace. For instance, they may:
Launch new products and services
Partner with other companies in the ecosystem to achieve significant and rapid changes
Increase the use of tech-enabled solutions across all functions
Invest in research to experiment with new technologies
Assess consumer demand to design products and services

Key Issues Addressed
What are the key sub-segments in the financial services industry?
What kind of growth can be expected for these key sub-segments?
What are the significant growth opportunities in the industry over the next two to three years?
What is the impact of global Mega Trends, disruptive technologies, and new business models on the future of the market?
What are the trends across different regions globally?

Key Conclusion
Disruptions in the financial services industry can be witnessed across a wide range of segments. The emergence of services such as PayTech, RegTech, InsurTech, and digital banking highlight the ways in which digitalization has impacted the industry. As consumers demand improved access and anytime-anywhere services, governments and regulators are striving to lower costs and achieve greater transparency by using technology. Going forward, many innovative solutions can be expected as different stakeholders in the industry collaborate to enhance industry performance.

  • Executive Dashboard
    • Purpose of this Experiential Study
    • 5 Step Process to Transformational Growth
    • Strategic Imperatives for FinTech Providers
    • Growth Opportunities for FinTech Providers
  • Growth Environment-Market Overview
    • Financial Services Market Overview
    • Market Definitions
    • Digital Banking Market Trends-Overview and Key Challenges
    • Digital Banking Market Trends-New Business Models, Products and Services
    • Digital Banking Market Trends-BaaS API Forecasting
    • InsurTech Market Trends-Emergence of a Tech-enabled Industry
    • InsurTech Market Trends-New Business Models, Products, and Services
    • InsurTech Market Trends-Revenue Forecast
    • WealthTech Market Trends-Overview and Key Challenges
    • WealthTech Market Trends-New Business Models, Products and Services
    • WealthTech Market Trends-Technology-enabled AUM Forecast
      • Table WealthTech: Contribution of Technologies in AUM, Global, 2016-2021
    • Standard Features and Pricing Models of Services
    • Drivers
    • Restraints
    • FinTech Provider Landscape
    • FinTech Provider Landscape Discussion
  • Geographic Analysis
    • Geographic Analysis-Asia-Pacific
    • Geographic Analysis-Europe
    • Geographic Analysis-North America
    • Geographic Analysis-Africa
    • Geographic Analysis-RoW
    • Geographic Analysis
  • Market Forecast
    • RegTech-Key Market Trends
    • Revenue Forecast-RegTech
    • PayTech-Key Market Trends
    • Revenue Forecast-PayTech
    • Robo-advisory Services-Key Market Trends
    • Growth Forecast-Robo-advisory
      • Table FinTech Market: Robo-advisory-Growth Factors Forecast by Services, Global, 2016-2021
    • Lending and Funding Platforms-Key Market Trends
    • Growth Forecast-Lending and Funding Platforms
      • Table FinTech Market: Lending and Funding Platforms-Growth Factors Forecast by Region, Global, 2016-2021
  • Visioning Scenarios
    • Macro to Micro Visioning
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-New Business Models
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Disruptive Technologies
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Connectivity and Convergence
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Competitive Landscape
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Economic and Regulatory Factors
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Social and Demographic Factors
    • Trends/Factors Impacting the Financial Services Market-Brick and Click
    • Top Predictions for the Financial Services Market
  • Growth Pipeline
    • Levers for Growth
  • Vision and Strategy-Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 1-PayTech
    • Growth Opportunity 2-RegTech
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Robo-Advisory
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Blockchain
    • Growth Opportunity 5-Quantum Computing
  • Brand and Demand-Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 6-P2P Models
    • Growth Opportunity 7-AI- and ML-enabled Services
    • Growth Opportunity 8-Ecosystem Collaboration
    • Growth Opportunity 9-Financial Inclusion
    • Growth Opportunity 10-Online and Digital Offerings
  • Growth Opportunities Matrix
    • Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
    • Growth Opportunities 1-5-Vision and Strategy
    • Growth Opportunities 6-10-Brand and Demand
    • Growth Opportunities Matrix
  • Growth Strategy and Implementation
    • Growth Strategies for Your Company
    • Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation
  • Appendix

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