Cyber Security Innovations in the Connected World

Cyber Security Innovations in the Connected World

Seamless connectivity between devices anywhere, anytime, in any condition is the goal behind the concept of IoT. Connected ecosystem will leverage the connectivity of devices for information sources thereby helping in more accurate analysis of data coming from different sources and improving productivity for the organizations and individual. However, with the connected infrastructure, security is one of the key concern that is hindering wide-spread IoT adoption globally.

Traditional security solutions are developed on the concept of securing a single device for a specific application sector. However, for a connected ecosystem, where variety of devices are connected together and are not restricted to the organization network only, traditional security solutions fail to provide the comprehensive protection across the various layers of the network. This demands for a more all-in-one package security solution that can analyze every single node of the connected network and also offer the flexibility to be used across any application sectors for optimal interoperability.

This research service identifies the key technology development areas within cyber security ecosystem and also highlights the loop holes within key sectors that could be compromised due to lack of a comprehensive security solution in place.

In brief, this research service provides the following:

A brief snapshot of the benefits of connected ecosystem
Key challenges with security faced by organizations in a connected ecosystem
Key areas of technology innovation for the connected ecosystem security
Primary attack surfaces within the key sectors
Key innovations facilitating security specific to key sectors
Major standardization activities and alliances enhancing security for key sectors

1. 1.0 Executive Summary
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Key Findings
2. 2.0 Overview of the Topic
2.0 Overview of the Topic
2.1 Overview of Connected Ecosystem
2.2 Security Hindering the Adoption
2.3 Key Pillars of Implementing Security
2.4 Innovations in Securing Cloud Access
2.5 Innovations in Cross Platform Data Representation
2.6 Innovations in Endpoint Authentication
2.7 Innovations in Real-time Monitoring
3. 3.0 Connected Ecosystem Security Landscape and Innovations
3.0 Connected Ecosystem Security Landscape and Innovations
3.1 Data Intensive Sectors Demanding Security
3.2 Key Security Focus Areas in Transportation
3.3 Key Participants Motivated toward Transportation Security
3.4 Standardization and Alliance Facilitating Transportation Security
3.5 Key Security Focus Areas in Healthcare
3.6 Key Participants Motivated toward Healthcare Security
3.7 Standardization and Alliance Facilitating Healthcare Security
3.8 Key Security Focus Areas in Energy
3.9 Key Participants Motivated toward Energy Security
3.10 Policies and Standardization Facilitating Energy Security
3.11 Key Security Focus Areas in Manufacturing
3.12 Key Participants Motivated toward Manufacturing Security
3.13 Policies and Standardization Facilitating Manufacturing Security
4. 4.0 Analyst Insights
4.0 Analyst Insights
4.1 Analyst Insights
5. 5.0 Key Contacts
5.0 Key Contacts
5.1 Key Contacts
5.1 Key Contacts (Continued)
Legal Disclaimer
6. 6.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story
6.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story
6.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story
6.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
6.3 Global Perspective
6.4 Industry Convergence
6.5 360º Research Perspective
6.6 Implementation Excellence
6.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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