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Construction Plastics—Global Trends Impacting South Africa and Nigeria

Construction Plastics—Global Trends Impacting South Africa and Nigeria

Urbanisation, infrastructure development, and a fast-growing middle class will be some of the biggest drivers of the construction plastics industry in Africa through 2020.

Currently, South Africa is considered the best market for construction plastics in Africa. It is the most formal, diverse, and established market for the construction plastics industry.

Nigeria, the most populous African nation, has great potential. Its huge population and strong urbanisation growth (􂀀% average in 2000-2014) will drive major infrastructure developments.

South Africa and Nigeria have large informal housing settlements. Suppliers strategically positioned to supply materials to government housing developments will benefit greatly.

However, in both South Africa and Nigeria, the inability to meet housing development goals has hurt the building and construction industry in terms of revenue and confidence lost in government initiatives.

In both these markets, there are large growth opportunities to supply cheap, simple, and effective plastics materials to the informal housing sectors to improve the living standards.

In South Africa, the commercial and office building industry is showing a strong commitment to build green and environmentally friendly structures going forward.

In South Africa, the sustainable and green building movement is driving the need for alternative, energy-efficient, high-performing materials.

About this report

This research identifies the global trends of plastics used in construction and analyses the trends that are being adopted locally in South Africa and Nigeria. It also highlights the countries with best practices in construction plastics, green movements, and sustainable initiatives that are impacting the construction plastics industry in South Africa and Nigeria. The research also analyses the drivers and restraints of the construction plastics industry and how factors in South Africa and Nigeria will drive the growth of creative construction plastics solutions.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Market Overview
    • Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Definitions
    • Benefits of Construction Plastics
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Global Green Construction Trends
    • Two Major Global Green Construction Trends
    • Global Trend of Sustainable/Green Living
    • Global Trend of Green Building/Innovating to Zero
  • Mega Trends—Africa
    • Mega Trend Impact on Africa's Construction Plastics Industry
    • Mega Trends—Africa Focus
  • African Construction Plastics Landscape
    • African Construction Plastics—Push/Pull Factors
    • African Construction Plastics—Push Factors
    • African Construction Plastics—Pull Factors
    • Selected Countries Growth Prospects
      • Table Construction Plastics Market: Economic Indicators, Nigeria and South Africa, 2014–2020
  • South Africa—Market Overview
    • South African Market Overview
    • South Africa—Market Drivers
    • South Africa—Market Drivers Explained
    • South Africa—Market Restraints
  • Nigeria—Market Overview
    • Construction Plastics—Nigerian Market Overview
    • Nigeria—Market Drivers
    • Nigeria—Market Drivers Explained
    • Nigeria—Market Restraints
    • Nigeria—Market Restraints Explained
  • Conclusion
    • Government Initiatives Provide the Best Growth Opportunities
  • Strategic Recommendations

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