Connectivity Features Powering the Latin American Passenger Vehicles Market, 2020–2025

Connectivity Features Powering the Latin American Passenger Vehicles Market, 2020–2025

The world is in a massive transformation phase, where digital solutions are being introduced in most of the key markets. The automotive industry is part of this transformation, launching new products, technologies, services, and interfaces. Automakers are no longer hardware makers, but evolving into technology companies. This new scenario is pushing OEMs to launch products and services much faster than they have been used to. Most of these solutions are in their initial stages of development, and each OEM can be observed following a different strategy for consolidation in this new market. All of these solutions are being closely monitored by competitors.

The study analyzes the connectivity features and services in the Latin American passenger vehicles market, forecast until 2025. It includes an analyses of infotainment and multimedia systems, HMI technologies, and connected services.

All OEMs are planning to launch improved technologies and connected services at least in one country of LATAM by 2025. The study focuses on analyzing technologies and services that are and will be available in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The research is structured into 5 key sections:
• Key Transformative Trends Impacting the Future of Connectivity in LATAM: The section analyzes the key transformative trends that impact the future of connectivity; trends in multimedia and infotainment, HMI, and connected services/vehicles; and infotainment, connectivity, and HMI by OEM.
• OEM Connectivity Features Strategy in LATAM: The section presents a comparative landscape of the OEMs to the smartphone interface technologies, multimedia screen sizes, instrument panel screen sizes, and the connected services/vehicles features.
• Connected Car/Services Outlook and Forecast: The section deep-dives into individual OEM status and forecast the technologies until 2025.
• Connected Services Case Study: The section analyzes the Chevrolet OnStar in Brazil.
• Growth Opportunity Analysis: The section presents the growth opportunities and the strategic imperatives.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Top Level Fact Sheet
    • Infotainment, Connectivity, and HMI
  • Research Scope, Objectives, and Segmentation
    • Research Scope and Methodology
    • Research Aim and Objectives
    • Key Industry Participants
    • Segmentation and Definitions
  • Transformative Trends Impacting Connectivity in LATAM
    • Transformative Trends Impacting Connectivity
    • Multimedia and Infotainment
    • Human-Machine Interface
    • Key Connectivity Solutions
    • Connected Services/Vehicles' Key Pillars
    • Infotainment, Connectivity, and HMI
  • OEM Connectivity Feature Strategy in LATAM
    • Smartphone Interfacing Technology Benchmark
    • Multimedia Screen Sizes by OEM
    • Instrument Panel Screen Size by OEM
    • Connected Services/Vehicles Snapshot in LATAM
  • Connected Car/Services Outlook and Forecast
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Chevrolet
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—VW
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Ford
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Peugeot
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Renault
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Toyota
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Honda
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Hyundai
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Mitsubishi
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Fiat
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Jeep
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Kia
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Nissan
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Audi
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—BMW
    • OEM Feature Strategy in LATAM—Volvo
    • Connected Services/Vehicles' Key Pillars
    • Connected Services/Vehicles Forecast
  • Connected Services—Case Study
    • Connected Service Analysis—Chevrolet OnStar
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis
    • Growth Opportunity
    • Strategic Imperatives
  • Key Conclusions
  • Appendix
    • Market Engineering Methodology
    • List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

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