Connected Industry Insight Series—ICT Opportunities in the Global Aged Care Market

Connected Industry Insight Series—ICT Opportunities in the Global Aged Care Market

Impact of the Ageing Population on Nations

High Cost of Care: The cost of care will rise, as the proportion of aged population will rise compared to younger population. This will lead to shortage of skilled manpower and high cost of care in aged care homes and villages.

More Burden on Public Care Systems: Long queues in public funded homes or community homes may lead to a compromise in quality, service dissatisfaction, and lack of care.

In the next 􂀀– years seniors may be left with no choice but to relocate to other nations in search of affordable care systems.

Not all seniors are expected to be able to afford medical insurance and private care homes.

About this report

Increasing technology adoption is transforming traditional healthcare delivery mechanisms, enabling improved patient outcomes. A lot of the effort towards automating the healthcare system is currently focused on mobile health and connected hospitals. With significant growth of the global aged population, technology providers have an opportunity to offer solutions to support independent living for the elderly in smart living ecosystems, whether at home or in care communities. This study outlines the main technology trends in the aged care market and provides insight into the opportunities for major ICT stakeholders.

  • Research Scope and Methodology
    • About the Connected Industries Insight Series
    • Analysis of `White Space' Opportunities for ICT Providers
    • Aged Care as a Major Consumer Segment
    • For More In-depth Coverage of the Aged Care Market
  • Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary-An Ageing World
    • Executive Summary-Super Aged Nations
    • Major Trends in the Global Aged Care Market
    • ICT Spend in Europe by Industry Sector
    • ICT Spend in the Healthcare Industry by ICT Sub-sector
      • Table Connected Industry Markets: ICT Spend in Healthcare, Europe, 2014-2019
    • Relevance to the ICT Industry- How Hot is the Global Aged Care Market?
    • Recommendations for the ICT Industry
  • The Global Aged Care Market-What the ICT Industry Needs to Know
    • Choices and Voices of Aged Care
    • Attractive Aged Care Markets for Stakeholders
    • Beginning of a Consumer-driven Decade for Seniors
    • Robots in the Healthcare Market
    • Robots as a Consumer Product
    • Senior Homes in Australia, Japan, and European Countries Adopting Robots
    • Future of ICT Companies in the Aged Care Market
    • Game Changing Technologies
    • Soaring Need for Technology in Senior Homes
    • Key Future Trends in the Aged Care Technology Market
    • First Movers in the Senior Homes Market
    • Evidence-based Design Approach to Elderly Residential Communities
    • Key Real Estate Trends That Will Impact the Aged Care Market
    • Panasonic Model for Aged Care
    • The Future of Aged Care Business Models
    • Creating a Long-term Impact on the Aged Care Market
  • Summary & Recommendations-ICT Opportunities in the Global Aged Care Market
    • The Last Word
    • A Converging Ecosystem of Participants in the Aged Care Industry
    • Opportunities for Communication Service Providers
    • Opportunities for Communication Equipment Vendors
    • Opportunities for IT Service Providers
    • Opportunities for IT Hardware Vendors
    • Opportunities for IT Software Vendors
    • Mapping ICT to Connected Industry Opportunities
  • Appendix
    • Further Reading

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