Company Profile of Grab, 2018

Company Profile of Grab, 2018

This study aims to profile Grab, presently a leader in eHailing and other services across Southeast Asia (SEA). It also purposes to evaluate and present the company’s present performance and analyze its future in the medium and long terms. It offers insights into the company’s strategies and future growth opportunities, and makes predictions with regard to its performance. The study analyzes the Grab Company, including an introduction to it via a company overview, services portfolio, Grab portfolio strength matrix, regional presence, geographical presence and services offered, and business overview by country. It further presents an overview of the competition scenario, listing its key competitors in SEA, eHailing and vehicle sharing business, delivery services, payment business, what Grab has done better, Grab versus Go-Jek, and lists acquisitions and partnerships. The study then highlights key company statistics & financials including key company metrics, Grab financial analyses of key investors and recent funding & valuation, and Toyota’s investment in Grab. This research service also examines key success factors for Grab in SEA, such as environmental factors, partnerships with local governments, impact of Mega Trends, and innovative business model. There is also a SWOT analysis, a discussion on the challenges for Grab, strategic focus of the company, growth opportunities and strategic imperatives, and predictions and forecasts.

Research Scope
The company profile is presented for the period 2017–2018.

Key Features
To provide an overview of the company’s past and present operations, and highlights to the company’s statistics.
To present a review of company financials, key investors, investment rounds and funds raised.
To analyze the company’s present product portfolio and forecast how it may change in the near future.
To highlight the firm’s present geographical outreach and predict how it may change in the near future.
To list recent strategic initiatives, such as acquisitions and partnerships, made by the company.
To gauge present strategies and assess how they will be helpful in achieving long-term goals.
To evaluate existing market opportunities which can be helpful to the company.

Key Issues Addressed
What are the services that Grab offers presently and who are the competitors in each area?
What is Grab’s current market positioning and what are its strategies?
What are the key success factors for the company?
How has the company evolved financially and who are its key investors?
What benefits does Grab offer to its investors? What are the future opportunities?
What are the future opportunities for Grab in the domestic and international markets?

  • Executive Summary
    • Company Overview
    • Service Portfolio
    • Grab in News
    • Regional Presence
    • Regional Presence & Services Offered
    • Key Company Statistics and Financials
    • Key Financials
    • Key Success Factors for Grab
    • Key Competitor to Grab in SEA
    • SEA Internet Economy Outlook
  • Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Market Definition
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Grab
    • Company Overview
    • Service Portfolio
    • Grab Portfolio Strength Matrix
    • Regional Presence
    • Regional Presence & Services Offered
    • Business Overview by Country
  • Competition Scenario
    • Key Competitors for Grab in SEA
    • eHailing and Vehicle Sharing Business-Competition Scenario
    • Delivery Services-Competition Scenario
    • Payment Business-Competitive Scenario
    • What Has Grab Done Better?
    • Key Competitor to Grab in SEA
  • Acquisitions and Partnerships
    • Acquisitions
    • Partnerships
  • Key Company Statistics and Financials
    • Key Company Metrics
    • Grab Financial Analysis-Key Investors
    • Grab Financial Analysis-Recent Funding and Valuation
    • Grab Financial Analysis-Historical Funding & Valuation
      • Table Grab Profile: Investment Rounds, SEA, 2014-2018
    • Toyota's Investment in Grab
  • Key Success Factors for Grab in SEA
    • Key Success Factors-Environmental Factors
    • Key Success Factors-Partnerships with Local Governments
    • Key Success Factors-Impact of Mega Trends
    • Key Success Factors-Innovative Business Model
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Challenges for Grab
    • Emerging New Business Models in Singapore
    • Key Challenges to Grab in SEA
  • Strategic Focus
    • Near-term Strategic Focus
    • Mid-term Strategic Focus
    • Long-term Strategic Focus
  • Predictions and Forecast
    • Future Predictions
    • Key Metrics and Forecast
    • Regional Presence Present and Future Outlook
  • Growth Opportunities and Strategic Imperatives
    • Opportunities for Existing Stakeholders
    • Opportunities for Other Stakeholders
    • Blockchain-Challenges and Opportunities for Grab
    • Growth Opportunities For Grab
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Conclusion and Key Takeaways
  • Appendix
    • Key Executives
    • Service Offerings-eHailing
    • Service Offerings-Ridesharing
    • Service Offerings-Delivery and Fintech
    • Key Facts/Milestones Achieved
    • Grab Malaysia
    • Grab Singapore
    • Grab Thailand
    • Grab Indonesia
    • Grab Vietnam
    • Grab Philippines
    • Recent Developments

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