Cloud Telephony Trends in India, Forecast to 2021

Cloud Telephony Trends in India, Forecast to 2021

The study aims to analyze and forecast the Indian Cloud Telephony market outlook from CY 2016 to CY 2021.

Also known as “hosted telephony”, cloud telephony refers to a mechanism to deliver telephone applications on the cloud as a hosted solution. It is a voice and messaging service that does not require traditional business telephone systems such as PBX or EPBAX. Cloud telephony is a means by which enterprises could make or receive multiple voice calls and messages simultaneously, without investing on any additional capital infrastructure. This technique of telephony works out to be useful as businesses go global and the increased need to successfully connect with a buyer and seller move beyond limits.

While the initial days for cloud telephony in India were not eventful, the market has slowly picked up and the future looks bright with a moderate double digit growth until 2021. Today, service providers are able to create use cases such as support workforce such as delivery agents, salespersons, servicemen; provide phone number masking capability; build a platform for the buyer and seller and improve on agent efficiency through automated calling.

The report empowers the reader with the current state of the market, the critical market drivers and restraints, revenue size and growth, best practices, and market analysis. Product strategies are being identified for leaders in the market with a view on the future outlook. Finally, a couple of growth opportunities are being identified in cloud telephony where service providers could improvise on so as to improve the overall service offerings and quality.

Research Scope

• Current Market Trends in Cloud Telephony
• Cloud Telephony Evolution
• Market Drivers and Restraints and subsequent impact on growth of Cloud Telephony in India
• Application Overview (Hosted Interactive Voice Response System, Cloud Call Center)
• ICT Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications on Cloud Telephony
• Industry Best Practices
• Market Analysis
• Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

Key Questions this Study will Answer

• What are the current market trends in cloud telephony?
• How will the market drivers and restraints impact the growth in the short, medium, and long term?
• What is the role of the applications (HIVR and Cloud Call Center) in cloud telephony? Who are the key players?
• What are the industry best practices for cloud telephony?
• What is the state of competition in cloud telephony (market share of leading players)?
• What is the current market size and forecast until 2021?
• How is the current market split across industry verticals?
• What does the future of cloud telephony look like?

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Market Definitions
    • Cloud Telephony Services-Market Definitions
  • Research Objectives, Scope, and Methodology
  • Current Market Trends
  • Cloud Telephony Evolution-Past, Present, and Future
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
    • Market Drivers
    • Drivers Explained
    • Market Restraints
    • Restraints Explained
  • Application Overview
    • Hosted Interactive Voice Response System (HIVR)
    • Cloud Call Center
  • ICT Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications on Cloud Telephony
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Market Analysis
    • India Market Highlights-Percent Revenue Breakdown
    • Percent Revenue by Vertical
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Market Leaders-Product Strategies
    • Future Outlook
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Analytics
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Security

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