Astaxanthin Ingredients for the US Human Nutrition Market—Outlook and Trends

Astaxanthin Ingredients for the US Human Nutrition Market—Outlook and Trends

The US market for astaxanthin ingredients for human nutrition generated a revenue of $􂀀million in 2014.

Revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 􂀀% during 2014–2019, driven by growth in demand and higher pricing through differentiated products.

The astaxanthin value chain is multi-layered and is similar to that of other ingredient markets.

Participants include cultivators and biomass producers, astaxanthin ingredient processors, capsule manufacturers, brand owners, and dietary supplement product manufacturers.

Today, eye health dietary supplements are a clear target, but astaxanthin can possibly have target antioxidants for food in general, including a role as a shelf-life stabilizer.

The following key capabilities differentiate successful suppliers from the others:

Integrated supply chain

Price justified by testing and validation of higher oxygen radical absorbance capacity

IP protection

Product attributes of quality and flexibility

New entrants must overcome entry barriers related to low consumer awareness and lower market exposure than that of incumbent companies.

About this report

This is a market insight into the astaxanthin for human nutrition market. Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant ingredient in human health (eye health, prevention of aging, and skin care) incorporated into dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and vitamin and mineral supplements. The regional scope of this market insight is the United States, but global insights have been provided, highlighting the need for natural antioxidants in human health conditions. Market drivers and restraints, market estimates and growth, value chain and competitive structure, and technology and production have been discussed in detail. Profiles of top suppliers of astaxanthin are included, and their products are analyzed.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Opportunity Dashboard
    • Market Snapshot
      • Table Astaxanthin Ingredients for the Human Nutrition Market: Position of Astaxanthin as Antioxidant, US, 2014
    • Industry Challenges Summary
    • Drivers and Restraints Summary
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Astaxanthin Industry Best Practices
  • Market Overview
    • Introduction
    • Applications Overview
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Global Revenue by Region
      • Table Total Astaxanthin Ingredients Market: Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2014-2019
    • Revenue by End Application
      • Table Total Astaxanthin Ingredients Market: Revenue Forecast by End Application, US, 2014-2019
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
    • Industry Challenges Summary
    • Industry Challenges Explained
    • Drivers and Restraints Summary
    • Drivers Explained
    • Restraints Explained
  • Value Chain and Competitive Structure
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Global Astaxanthin Suppliers
    • Other Brands Containing Astaxanthin
  • Technology Overview
    • Astaxanthin Commercial Sources
    • Astaxanthin Approval Status
    • Astaxanthin Uses by Source
    • Astaxanthin Molecular Forms
    • Astaxanthin Prices and Sustainability
      • Table Astaxanthin Ingredients for the Human Nutrition Market: Astaxanthin Sustainability by Economical, Environmental, and Societal Factors, US, 2014
    • Impact of Technology on Prices
      • Table Astaxanthin Ingredients for the Human Nutrition Market: Astaxanthin Average Prices by Source, US, 2014
    • Commercial Limitations of Natural Astaxanthin
    • Astaxanthin Shares by Source
  • Production Overview
    • Astaxanthin Production-Microalgal/AstaREAL
    • Astaxanthin Production-Microalgal/Cyanotech
    • Astaxanthin Production-Microalgal/Valensa
    • Astaxanthin Production-Yeast-based/Igene
    • Astaxanthin Production-Enzymatic Conversion/ Valensa
  • Astaxanthin Supplier Profiles
    • Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.-Company Overview
    • Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.-SWOT Analysis
    • Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.-List of Patents
    • Cyanotech Corporation-Company Overview
    • Cyanotech Corporation-Astaxanthin Patents
    • Cyanotech Corporation-BioAstin(R) Value Chain
    • Cyanotech Corporation-Nutrex Products with BioAstin(R)
    • Cyanotech Corporation-SWOT Analysis
    • Valensa International-Company Overview
    • Valensa International-Range of Branded Products
    • Valensa International-SWOT Analysis
    • Piveg, Inc.-Company Overview
    • Piveg, Inc.-SWOT Analysis
    • Igene Biotechnology, Inc.-Company Overview
    • Igene Biotechnology, Inc.-Time Line
    • Mera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-Company Overview
    • Cardax-Company Overview
    • Cardax-ASTZ-1 Target Markets
    • Cardax-Advantages of Synthetic Astaxanthin
  • Natural Antioxidant Ingredients Market
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Overview
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Definitions
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Revenue and CAGR (2014-2019) by Region
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Green, Safe, and Healthy Trends Drive Demand
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Increasing Consumption of Natural/Organic Food Drives Demand
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Need to Increase Food Safety (Shelf-life) and Reduce Wastage Drives Demand
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Zero-Trans Fat and Need to Reduce Food Spoilage Drive Demand
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Need for More Sustainable Sources
    • Natural Antioxidants Ingredients Market-Opportunities in the Companion Animal Feeds Market

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