Asia-Pacific Hospital Outlook 2014

Asia-Pacific Hospital Outlook 2014

Total healthcare expenditure in Asia-Pacific (APAC) stood at about $􂀀 trillion in 2014 and is expected to grow at about 􂀀% over next 􂀀 years. About 􂀀% of the total health expenditure was incurred by the public sector in the region.

International investors are investing in healthcare delivery in APAC, specially in India and China, as they are seeking a higher return on investment. Private equity has played a significant role in the expansion of private healthcare in APAC. For instance, the number of PE-fund led investments in the healthcare sector in the year 2014 grew at more than 􂀀% compared to the previous year to reach 􂀀 deals.

Growth in the private hospital industry is primarily driven by the increasing disease burden and ageing population.

Key growth restraints in the private hospital industry are shortage of qualified medical personnel, lack of private medical insurance, and uneven distribution of healthcare facilities across geographies.

Most investment and consolidation projects in the private hospital industry are by real estate investment trusts and private equity firms and some by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Innovative business models, increased operational efficiency and economies of scale have contributed to the spectacular financial performance of private hospital chains, which grew at a healthy double digit growth rate in 2013.

About this report

This research service provides an analysis of the hospital market in the APAC region. It provides a detailed analysis of the current trends, market size, revenue forecast, and drivers and restraints. Market participants and key opinion leaders in APAC hospitals were interviewed to obtain their perceptions of trends and opportunities in the hospital industry. The regional scope of this research service includes China, India, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Increased investment activity and market potential has led to higher valuations for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Profit margins in hospital across Asia are attractive, particularly compared with those in developed markets.

  • Executive Summary
    • The Healthcare Delivery Landscape
    • Executive Summary-CEO's Perspective
    • Executive Summary-Market Engineering Measurements
    • Opportunities for Investors in Hospitals by Specialty
    • Differentiation Strategies for Hospitals
  • Market Overview
    • Market Overview-Top Five Growth Sectors in APAC
    • Market Overview-Ten Companies to Watch
    • Market Overview-Key Definitions
    • Geographic Scope
  • Healthcare Spending
    • Healthcare Expenditure Forecast
    • Comparison of Public and Private Expenditure
    • Healthcare Per Capita Spending Profile of Major ASEAN Countries
  • Healthcare Delivery in the APAC Region
    • Overview of the Private Hospital Services Market in APAC
    • Primary Healthcare in the APAC Region
  • Hospital Infrastructure
    • Hospital Bed Density in APAC
    • Overview of Hospitals in APAC
      • Table Number of Hospitals Overview, Selected APAC Countries, 2013 to 2020
    • Density of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in Southeast Asia
  • Market Dynamics
    • Market Drivers
    • Key Drivers Explained
    • Market Restraints
    • Hospital Industry-Key Restraints Explained
    • Government Policies Encouraging PPP
    • Expanding Beyond APAC
  • Chinese Hospital Industry
    • China-Healthcare Spending Overview
    • China-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • China-Investor Outlook for Healthcare
    • China-List of Companies that have Made Acquisitions
    • China-Focus on Private Infrastructure
    • Opportunities for Investment in China
    • China-Third Party Diagnostic Services Market Revenue Forecast
    • China-Maternity Care Market Revenue Forecast
    • China-Number of Nursing Homes
    • Typical Routes to Enter the Chinese Hospital Market
  • Indian Hospital Industry
    • India-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • India-Health Insurance Premium Trend
    • India-Investment Activity
      • Table Top Hospital Deals, India, 2013
    • India-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Opportunities for Investment in India
  • Japanese Hospital Industry
    • Japan-Healthcare Spending Overview
    • Japan-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • Japan-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Japan-Healthcare Services Trends
    • Opportunities for Investment in Japan
  • Australian Hospital Industry
    • Australia-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • Australia-Healthcare Spending Overview
      • Table Principal Source of Funds for Admitted Patients, Australia, 2013
    • Australia-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Australia-Key Investment Initiatives
    • Australia-Healthcare Services Trends
    • Opportunities for Investment in Australia
  • Thailand Hospital Industry
    • Thailand-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • Thailand-Healthcare Spending Overview
      • Table Government Health Insurance Schemes, Thailand, 2013
    • Thailand-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Thailand-Key Investment Initiatives
    • Thailand-Healthcare Services Trends
    • Opportunities for Investment in Thailand
  • Indonesian Hospital Industry
    • Indonesia-Healthcare Spending Overview
      • Table Public Insurance Co-pay/Funding, Indonesia, 2014
    • Indonesia-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • Indonesia-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Indonesia-Key Investment Initiatives
    • Indonesia-Healthcare Services Trends
    • Opportunities for Investment in Indonesia
  • Malaysian Hospital Industry
    • Malaysia-Healthcare Spending
    • Malaysia-Healthcare Infrastructure Overview
    • Malaysia-Government Policies and Key Investment Initiatives
    • Malaysia-Key Investment Initiatives
      • Table Examples of Domestic Expansion Activity, Malaysia, 2012-2014
    • Opportunities for Investment in Malaysia
  • The Last Word
    • The Last Word-Key Trends
    • The Last Word-Five Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations
    • India-Hospital Chains and Health Insurance Providers

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