Antenna Technology: Application and Opportunity Assessment

Antenna Technology: Application and Opportunity Assessment

Awareness and research initiatives of antenna technologies improving wireless communication and high speed data transfer have created opportunities for antenna manufacturers to discover a wide range of applications across various sectors. Demand for new and high-quality applications which require antennas with wider impedance bandwidth, high gain and rotatable radiation patterns, particularly in higher frequencies are encouraging advancements in antenna technologies.

Antenna technologies are expected to play a pivotal role in telecommunication. With the advent of IoT and 5G communications, the adoption of suitable antenna systems will expedite commercialization of solutions which can support high speed communications.

The scope of this research service is limited to advanced antenna systems based on its applicability in telecommunications, military and defense and healthcare sector. This technology and innovation research service focuses on providing a snapshot on the key impact of antennas at sector level, and also discusses the various applications they impact in each sector. A global patent and funding assessment on the technology development is included in the research service along with key innovations and growth opportunities of advanced antenna systems.

A global analysis on the current development of antenna technologies was done to assess the disruptive opportunities of antennas.

Key questions addressed in the research service:
What are the key emerging applications which will have a high impact on the adoption of antenna technologies?
What are the benefits and challenges of antenna systems?
What are the key innovations impacting technology development?
What are the patent trends witnessed in the advanced antenna systems area?
What are the key focus areas of technology development?
What are future growth opportunities?

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Methodology Explained
    • High-speed wireless communication and compound semiconductors encourage Advancements in Electronics
    • Antenna Technologies to revolutionize telecommunications
  • Advanced Antenna Systems-Technology Snapshot
    • Advanced Antenna Systems - A Sneak Preview
    • Types of Antenna Technologies- Classification
    • Mobile Wireless Communication to have High Impact on Technology Development
  • Factors influencing Advancements in Antenna Technologies
    • Market Drivers: Circuit Miniaturization, new applications, and need for energy efficient power circuits drive advancement
    • Compound Semiconductors play a vital role in the development of advanced antenna systems
    • Market Challenges: Wireless Communication infrastructure, emitters and capability to operate in millimeter wave domain are Considered to be the Primary Factors
    • Lack of efficient operation and inadequate performance for highspeed applications Hinder Adoption
    • Antenna Technologies to Witness Wide Adoption in the Long Term
  • Applications of Antenna Technologies in Telecommunications
    • Telecommunications is one of the key application areas of Antenna Technologies
    • Consumer Electronics continues to dominate applications of Antennas in Telecommunications
  • Applications of Antenna Technologies in Military and Defense
    • Radio, Radar, and Missile Telemetry are key applications of Antenna Technologies in Military and Defense
  • Applications of Antenna Technologies in Healthcare
    • Vital sign monitoring and invasive diagnostics are key applications of antennas in Healthcare
  • Global Innovation Indicators
    • Global Patent Trend Analysis
    • Gap Analysis and Funding Trends
    • Innovation Ecosystem Overview
    • Industry participants Focus on reduction of signal interference and long range communication
    • Increase range of communication is another area of interest for industry participants
    • Industry participants focus on development of Advanced Antenna Systems suitable for 5G communication
    • Industry Participants aim to reduce the size of antennas to make them suitable for future applications
  • Growth Opportunities for Antenna Systems and Conclusion
    • Compound Semiconductors to Play a Vital Role in Advancement of Antenna Technologies
    • Focus on the Adoption of Advanced Antenna Systems for Highspeed wireless communication applications
  • Industry Contacts
    • Key Contacts

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