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Advanced Mechanisms in Drug Delivery

Advanced mechanisms in drug delivery

Step 1: To provide a thorough analysis of each topic, TechVision’s analysts perform a review of patents to become familiar with the major developers and commercial participants and their processes.

Step 2: Building on the patent search, the analysts review abstracts to identify key scientific and technical papers that provide insights into key industry participants and the technical processes on which they work.

Step 3: The analysts then create a detailed questionnaire with content created to address the research objectives of the study, which functions as a guide during the interview process. While the analysts use structured questionnaires to guarantee coverage of all the desired issues, they also conduct interviews in a conversational style. This approach results in a more thorough exchange of views with the respondents, and offers greater insight into the relevant issues than more structured interviews may provide.

Step 4: The analysts conduct primary research with key industry participants and technology developers to obtain the required content. Interviews are completed with sources located throughout the world, in universities, national laboratories, governmental and regulatory bodies, trade associations, and end-user companies, among other key organizations. Our analysts contact the major commercial participants to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of processes and the drivers and challenges for technologies and applications. Our analysts talk to the principal developers, researchers, engineers, business developers, analysts, strategic planners, and marketing experts, among other professionals.

Step 5: The project management and research team reviews and analyzes the research data that are gathered and adds its recommendations to the draft of the final study. Having conducted both published studies and custom proprietary research covering many types of new and emerging technology activities as well as worldwide industry analysis, the management and research team adds its perspective and experience to provide an accurate, timely analysis. The analysts then prepare written final research services for each project and sometimes present key findings in analyst briefings to clients.

About this reeport

Drug delivery refers to the efficient transport of an active pharmaceutical compound to provide a therapeutic effect that is required by the human body. Drug delivery systems are extremely crucial for patients who require regular doses of medication through the prescribed route of administration. The research study deals with drug delivery mechanisms that are categorized as existing and emerging carriers or technologies that deliver the therapeutic at the target site. Drug delivery industry has witnessed a sea change as majority of the conventional carriers such as polymeric micelles, dendrimers and niosomes are being slowly replaced by emerging approaches such as cyclodextrins, microemulsions, hydrogels, etc. due to their ability to improve drug solubility and bioavailability which help the drug cope with the hostile nature of the gastro-intestinal tract. The research study covers the stakeholder analysis of the key players in the drug delivery industry, particularly the drug delivery technology developers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and also assesses the technology adoption with respect to these mechanisms. Finally, opportunity evaluation has been conducted to understand the scope of future mechanisms in drug delivery with the help of a technology roadmap, partnerships model that assess the partnerships based on technology licensing, product development and distribution and the IP landscape that evaluate the level of interest of existing and emerging technologies amongst key stakeholders.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Process Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Sneak Preview into Drug Delivery
    • Overview
  • Technology Assessment
    • Technology Roadmap
    • Polymeric Micelles
      • Recent Innovations
    • Niosomes
    • Phosphorous Acids
    • Starch-Based Carrier
      • Recent Innovations
    • Liposomes
      • Recent Innovations
    • Microemulsions
      • Recent Innovations
    • Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs)/ Mesoporous silica systems (MSPs)
      • Recent Innovations
    • Biodegradable Microstructure Patch Technology
      • Recent Innovations
    • Cyclodextrins
      • Recent Innovations
    • Functional Micelles/Biomimetic Microvesicles/Nanosomes
      • Recent Innovations
    • Supramolecular Architectures
      • Recent Innovations
    • Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials
      • Recent Innovations
    • Fluid Crystal Nanoparticles/Cholesteric Liquid Crystal/Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
      • Recent Innovations
  • Diffusion of Innovations and Needs Assessment
    • Technology Landscape
    • Demand side Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis of Key Participants
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • SWOT analysis of Key Participants
  • Funding Assessment of Key Participants
    • Funding Assessment
  • Opportunity Evaluation
    • Emerging Technology Roadmap
    • Assessment of Partnerships
    • Technology Management Strategies
  • IP Landscape
    • Patent scenario
  • Key Contacts and Patents
    • Key contacts
    • Global Patents

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