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We’ve come a long way from the pork as the “other white meat” slogans popularized during the 1980s, but the fact remains that the desire to identify sources of animal protein beyond red meat and even pork or poultry is shaping and reshaping the U.S. food industry. Fish and seafood have emerged as essential alternatives to more commonly regarded sources of animal protein.

Overall, there is greater consumer awareness that most forms of fish and seafood are healthy alternatives to meat, and are loaded with “good” fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. This has raised the profile of salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies, tuna, and even tilapia and catfish.’s collection of reports on the fish and seafood industry are filled with insights pertaining to consumer purchase patterns of these products. In addition, our reports highlight relevant retail and foodservice trends. Our reports also help companies navigate the sensitive waters surroundings consumer concern about spoilage and contamination, in addition to providing details on issues pertaining to sustainability practices that involve the shift from wild harvest to aquaculture.

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Fish & Seafood Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in the Netherlands

    ... its first positive retail volume growth performance of the review period over 2020 as a whole, despite higher unit prices. Similarly, processed seafood is set to see a strong improvement in sales. Uncertainty about the ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in South Africa

    ... and recall all Enterprise brand products after the Department of Health traced a listeriosis outbreak, which claimed 200 lives, to its factories. In the announcement by the Minister of Health, consumers were cautioned away from ... Read More

  • Austevoll Seafood ASA - Strategy, SWOT and Corporate Finance Report

    ... company's structure, operation, SWOT analysis, product and service offerings and corporate actions, providing a 360˚ view of the company. Key Highlights Austevoll Seafood ASA (AUSS) is a seafood company. The company's product portfolio comprise of ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Poland

    ... chilled categories, because of freezer space limitations in the average household. Sales growth in chilled processed meat has therefore been higher than for frozen processed meat. Foodservice channel closures have translated into greater at-home consumption, ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Russia

    ... by COVID-19, resulting in consumers cooking meals at home more often. Additionally, there was some stockpiling seen, as consumers erred on the side of caution and ensured they kept a supply of shelf stable meat ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Finland

    ... to reverse the negative value growth of 2019 in areas such as chilled processed seafood and chilled processed red meat. The closure of foodservice outlets and schools has also led to increased occasions of cooking ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Kazakhstan

    ... is often sold at markets. These markets stayed open during lockdown, though officially they were meant to close, and so this channel continued to compete with packaged processed meat and seafood. Processed seafood is expected ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Bulgaria

    ... value growth is also expected to be healthy, as processed meat and seafood is boosted by the closure of the foodservice channel for much of the year. Processed meat brands were very active in promotion ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Austria

    ... an even higher current value increase. The second quarter of 2020 was determined by measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and resultant changes in consumer behaviour. The increase in the amount of time spent ... Read More

  • Aquaculture Market by Environment (Marine Water, Fresh Water, and Brackish Water), and Fish Type (Carps, Mollusks, Crustaceans, Mackerels, Sea Bream and Others): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021–2027

    ... Agriculture Organization (FAO), aquaculture, also known as aqua farming, is defined as farming of aquatic organisms such as fin fishes, carps, mollusks, crustaceans, and aquatic plants. This farming procedure involves interventions in rearing process to ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Italy

    ... Shelf stable tuna has benefited the most from the stockpiling effect among shelf stable seafood, being a versatile product in Italian kitchens and an indispensable ingredient of many lockdown recipes. Also, canned tuna has a ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Mexico

    ... year due to COVID-19 consumers have been preparing more home cooked meals, with meat and seafood being a staple ingredient of most traditional Mexican dishes. Furthermore, with consumers advised to avoid making unnecessary trips outside ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Vietnam

    ... the increasing adoption of new types of cuisine from the West, Japan and South Korea. However, the variety of processed meat and seafood available through retail had yet to keep pace with the types of ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Estonia

    ... of different products in processed meat. This includes the recent addition to their range of processed meats using unusual and innovative marinade flavours, such as cherry rum or blackberry sauce. Euromonitor International's Processed Meat and ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Serbia

    ... with seafood expected to lead in both volume and value terms. This growth is supported by the COVID-19 lockdown during which consumers are expected to purchase more products with a long shelf life. Long lasting ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in the United Kingdom

    ... value growth, as a result of COVID-19. The national lockdown during the first half of the year led to changes in consumer behaviour. For instance, in the early days of the pandemic, several weeks of ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in France

    ... consumption due to concerns about their highly processed nature and in some instances relatively high salt content. Greater awareness of the link between red meat consumption and cancer prevalence and the numerous scandals regarding French ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Spain

    ... in raw material costs. Companies reacted to the challenges in different ways; some by reducing package weights in order to maintain affordable prices, while others began to position their products more towards the premium segment, ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Canada

    ... value growth of 4% in 2019. Meat substitutes recorded the highest growth; however, shelf stable meat is set to record the biggest difference in year-on-year growth, recording 15% in 2020, compared to a decline in ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Germany

    ... have stocked up on staple foods in response to the restrictions on movement, which has resulted in volume sales growth for all categories within processed meat and seafood, many of which were in decline in ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Australia

    ... stores. As such, many consumers took to stockpiling shelf-stable processed meat and seafood, including canned, processed meat Spam and canned tuna; both of which are easy to store. This is set to see value growth ... Read More

  • Seafood Processing in the UK - Industry Market Research Report

    ... products derived from marine mammals. The preparation of frozen-fish dishes and the manufacture of fish soups also fall outside the scope of the industry. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Turkey

    ... category, however, changing breakfast habits are expected to have a particular impact, driving sales in chilled processed meat in 2020. Although prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 many would opt for quick and convenient breakfast ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Chile

    ... period, and many employees are still working from home. As a result, consumers are eating more at home, and this will fuel a surge in both retail volume sales and retail current value sales of ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Saudi Arabia

    ... items such as poultry, which is a key ingredient in some of the most famous traditional meals in Saudi Arabia. Euromonitor International's Processed Meat and Seafood in Saudi Arabia report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

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