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Over the last decade, the global agribusiness industry has experienced many events that have, and will continue to have, irreversible social, economic, and political consequences—both positive and negative. Some of these events include draughts and other weather events; food shortages; and price drops due to the Great Recession of 2008.

Agribusiness encompasses agriculture that is conducted on commercial principles dealing with produce and services, particularly when advanced technology is involved. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the U.S.’s Department of Agriculture focus on Agribusiness Development to promote food industry growth in developing nations. Agribusiness products include seed and agrichemicals, animal feeds, biofuels, micro-ingredients, grain transport and processing, farm machinery, and agritourism farms. Current concerns in the Agribusiness market involve global warming, which has driven scientific and public attention towards biofuels derived from crops.’s collection of market research studies on the agriculture and agribusiness industry will help you stay competitive and grow in this market. We offer a full array of studies on subjects ranging from agriculture equipment to specific segments of the market, including dairy products, crop development and organic farming. Also available are highly regarded outlook reports for the U.S. and global markets, along with a full library of country-specific studies for agriculture.

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Agribusiness Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Pakistan Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... them a diresecurity situation, erratic power supply, lack of availability of finance and vulnerability to extreme weatherevents. The sugar industry is the sub-sector we view as least promising due to its high production costs andpoor ... Read More

  • Algeria Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... helping to revive the grains and dairy sectors. While higher government support is likely to bepositive for productivity and product quality in the medium term, Algeria will remain a key importer ofwheat and dairy products ... Read More

  • Turkey Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... production quotas are likelyto occur in the coming years. We continue to see resilient growth in the livestock sector on the back ofcontinued government support. Grains and rice production will recover in the 2016 season ... Read More

  • Uganda Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... terms of exports, largely owing to government supportfor the sector and new disease-resistant trees. Moreover, coffee prices are higher y-o-y, meaning farmerswill be able to invest in their crops. We expect Uganda to remain a ... Read More

  • France Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... dairy farmers willbe among the EU's outperformers due to steady import demand for their cheese production. French meatproduction will suffer from continued weak demand from other EU countries, the traditional importers ofFrench meat. Key Forecasts ... Read More

  • India Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... of self-sufficiency for majorfood crops. Production growth of various commodities will be driven by strong government support androbust demand growth for manufactured foodstuff. We see significant growth opportunities in sub-sectorssuch as dairy, coffee and livestock. ... Read More

  • Kenya Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... whichwill provide a short-term boost, we expect the country's sugar sector to remain regionally inefficient andtherefore to post very limited growth over the coming years. However, we continue to forecast steady coffeeproduction growth due to ... Read More

  • South Africa Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... the effects of El Niño, but we do expect grains to reboundover the course of our forecast period. Furthermore, livestock production and sugar consumption will bothembark on a positive trajectory. Over the medium term, a ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... water supply. The government hasnot abandoned its strategy of self-sufficiency in poultry and has been ramping up incentives to expandproduction capacity. This strategy has paid off, as the three major producers in the sector have ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... safety standards, willconstrain growth over our forecast period. Structural problems still plague the industry, in particular thelogistical challenges of food transportation within the country. Over the long term, we believe there is muchmore room for ... Read More

  • Central America Agribusiness Report Q1 2016

    ... Along the way, thedifferent sectors of the market will be forced to grapple with an array of headwinds that will directly impactoutput growth across some countries in the region. As a result of rising incomes ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... incomes contributing toconsumption growth. We believe the sugar sector has the most potential, as investments in new sugarrefineries will make sugar one of the few reliable agricultural exports over the forecast period. In terms ofgrains, ... Read More

  • Ghana Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... schemes in order to encourage yield growth. However, a significant portion of the growth will bedue to base effects. We also see long-term opportunities (but also significant structural challenges) in WestAfrica's palm oil sector. Key ... Read More

  • Indonesia Agribusiness Report Q2 2016

    ... selfsufficient in a large number of commodities is overly ambitious in light of the robust outlook for food anddrink consumption. Agricultural production will struggle to expand in the coming years amidst scarceagricultural land, the lack ... Read More

  • Russia Agribusiness Report Q1 2016

    ... year due to traderestrictions. We are positive about the poultry and pork sectors of Russia, as consumer demand is growingand domestic production is looking to bridge the gap from imports. Grains consumption and production,along with ... Read More

  • Global Agroscience Market 2015-2019

    ... reduce the arable land as increasing number of people will be living in cities. With rising population, the demand for food will also increase. In addition, the demand for animal feed and biofuel will boost ... Read More

  • Russia Agribusiness Market Insights and Outlook Report to 2025 (Q3 2015) - Forecasts of Russia Coffee, Cotton, Grains, Dairy, Fruits, Proteins, Sugar, Nuts and Oilseeds

    ... (Q3 2015) - Forecasts of Russia Coffee, Cotton, Grains, Dairy, Fruits, Proteins, Sugar, Nuts and Oilseeds” from OGAnalysis provides complete research on the Russia agribusiness value chain. The report provides information on Russia agriculture products, ... Read More

  • Regulation and Organizational Change in the Governance of Agri-food Value Chains

    ... complexity of the agri-food value chain considerably, as well as the intensity of interconnection and dependency between different actors worldwide. Based on these considerations the guest editors invited a number of scholars to reflect on ... Read More

  • Greece Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... the comingyears. The abolishment of the EU sugar quota in 2017 is likely to lead to further declines in sugar prices,weighing on producers' willingness to increase sugar output. Meanwhile, the removal of the EU's milkquota ... Read More

  • Iran Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... Consumer demand, including foragricultural products, will be a strong beneficiary. The increased supply of inputs and potential investmentin capacity and infrastructure will improve the outlook for agricultural production growth in the country. However, such a ... Read More

  • Egypt Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... subsidy inthe form of a multi-commodity monthly stipend, which we expect to modify the typical household's foodbasket. We believe that particularly good growth prospects exist in the country's livestock and dairyindustries, as cattle herds continue ... Read More

  • Thailand Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... an efficient food producingindustry. The sugar and livestock sectors hold promising growth stories. However, the government'sinterference in the market, especially in the rice sector, will hinder the competitiveness of Thai productioncompared to its Asian rivals. ... Read More

  • Connected Agriculture Market by Solution (Agricultural Trading, Tendering and Bartering), Application (Smart Logistics and Irrigation), Services, & Region - Global Forecast to 2020

    ... the agricultural industry in the recent years as they have resulted in improved revenue margins and levels of income of agricultural households in rural areas. This has encouraged organizations to provide better agri-mobile based solutions ... Read More

  • Philippines Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... like the outlook for sugarproduction and believe the livestock sector will continue to show healthy growth rates. The Philippines' vastconsumption market, along with strong government support will foster domestic and foreign investment andfavour output expansion. ... Read More

  • France Agribusiness Report Q4 2015

    ... production to grow over ourforecast period and expect production to reach 40.0mn tonnes by 2018/19. Milk production in the shortterm will not be fundamentally affected by the removal of the EU's production quota in April ... Read More

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