The Rise of Wearable Healthcare Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma

The Rise of Wearable Healthcare Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma


In The Rise of Wearable Healthcare Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma, FirstWord examines an emerging industry that is predicted to generate $53.2 billion in global sales by 2019.

Considered a perfect convergence of mobile tech trends and real-time data, wearables are already shaping the future of healthcare. Based on in-depth interviews with key experts and wide-ranging research, the report addresses how the line between consumer and healthcare wearables is increasingly blurred—and how pharma can be part of a future in which wearing healthcare technology is the new normal.

The future is at your fingertips—literally and physically. As passive, intelligent wearable health devices become increasingly ubiquitous (there’ll be an estimated 35 million devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2019), the human body has become a generator of transparent, real-time, continuous and highly contextualized data. Can pharma fit in? And if so, how can the industry prepare for the day when ‘wearable’ can also mean ‘ingestible’?

Reasons to Purchase

Key Benefits

  • Insight into how healthcare will be transformed by new types of data collected through wearable and remote monitoring devices
  • Knowledge of how the evolution of wearable tech is blurring the line between health and wellness
  • Valuable understanding about how the analysis of patient-generated data will lead to ‘virtual health coaching’ on everything from prescriptions to lifestyle choices
  • Breakdowns of the wearable tech market by segment
  • Expert knowledge on how pharma can author its way into the wearable tech industry
Key Features
  • In-depth expert interviews with key innovators in the industry
  • Detailed analysis of the move towards ‘pro-sumer’ wearables
  • Exploration of wearable tech for disease prevention, clinical trials and chronic disease management
  • Analysis of the regulatory environment for wearable health technology
  • Examination of the key features for wearable adoption by consumers
  • Overview of the future of wearables, including ingestibles, bioresorbables and ‘soft’ electronics
Get Answers to Pressing Questions
  • What are pharma’s opportunities for the wearables industry?
  • Will wearables become valuable tools in diagnostics and treatment?
  • What opportunities and challenges will arise from patient-generated health data?
  • How can pharma make wearable device data more relevant?
  • What does pharma have to lose if they are not involved in the wearables industry?
  • Will wearable technology change pharma’s position on data transparency?
Experts Interviewed
  • Chief Medical Officer, mobile health solutions company
  • Trauma Surgeon/Google Glass Explorer, Medical Center, US
  • CEO at a drug development company, US
  • Director at center for innovation at an EU university
  • Director, Global eMedia Communications at a leading pharmaceutical company
  • Associate VP, Head of Epidemiology at a biotech company in France
  • Digital Marketing Manager at a global pharmaceutical company
  • Executive Vice President at a pharmaceutical marketing agency
  • Development manager at a pharmaceutical marketing agency
  • Director of Product Marketing at a clinical research company
  • Chief of Staff at a clinical research company
  • Senior Director of Product Marketing at a clinical research company
  • VP, Director of Creative Technology, healthcare advertising and promotion agency, USA
  • Founder and CEO, Social Media Advertising Company
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1.Executive summary
2.Methodology and objectives
3.Overview of Wearable Technology and the Internet of Things
3.1.What is the Internet of Things?
3.1.2.BI Intelligence “Internet of Things”
3.1.3.Why the sudden surge in the Internet of Things?
3.1.4.Adoption of IoT Technologies: Acquity Group
3.2.Wearable tech, convergence and data explosion
4.Evolution of wearable technology
4.1.Wearables 1.0
4.2.Wearables 2.0
4.3.“Pro-sumer” clinical wearables
4.4.Enterprise wearables
5.From tracking the Body to tracking the Environment
5.1.The Home-as-a-Platform: sensing and controlling
5.1.1.Home-as-a-Platform for seniors aging in place
5.2.Smart cities: Connected and adaptive
5.2.1.The Array of Things
5.3.Contextual data
6.Frontier between Wellness and Health will disappear
6.1.From ‘Quantified Self’ to the CEO of your own health
6.2.Exploring wearable tech for disease prevention
6.3.Apple bridging the consumer and healthcare markets
6.3.1.Watch, HealthKit and HomeKit
6.3.2.A smartwatch at the centre of health technology
6.3.3.Apple HealthKit adoption by hospitals
6.4.The role of design in the adoption of consumer and healthcare wearables
7.Wearable technology and sensors in medicine
7.1.Access to data is key
7.2.Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD)
7.2.1.Virtual coaches and behaviour change
7.2.2.The IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health
7.3.Wearable tech and remote patient monitoring
7.4.Remote monitoring for chronic disease
7.5.Wearable tech and clinical trials data
7.5.1.Real-time data
7.5.2.Big Data and real world data
7.5.3.Medical adherence and patient compliance in clinical trials
7.5.4.Personalised, patient-centred and transparent
7.5.5.Patients connecting the dots
7.5.6.Improved speed and lower cost of clinical trials
8.Healthcare regulatory environment for wearable tech
8.1.Data protection
8.2.Regulatory guidance in the US
8.2.1.HIPAA working on new guidance
8.2.2.FDA relaxes rules for wearables and mHealth apps in new guidance
8.3.Regulatory Guidance in the EU
8.4.Data-driven health innovation by government
8.4.1.In the US Medicine: patients at the centre
8.4.2.In the UK
9.What’s Next
9.1.Bridging the language barrier for technologists and healthcare
9.2.Will pharma be partnering wearable and mobile devices with therapies?
9.3.New Features Being Developed in Wearable Tech
9.3.2.Beacons and Nearables
9.3.6.LED displays
9.3.7.Voice recognition
9.3.9.Extended Battery Life
The future of electronics for the human body
Soft electronics
Injectable electronics
Bioresorbable electronics
What is the future of wearable tech for pharma?
Is there opportunity in wellness or chronic disease?
Planning a strategy for a future connected world
Thoughts for the future

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