The Impact of Nanomedicine in the Pharma Industry

The Impact of Nanomedicine in the Pharma Industry


Can nanomedicines really offer pharma a compelling alternative approach to precision medicines?

Delivering accurate diagnosis for clinicians, safer medicines for patients and lower costs through reduced waste and costly hospitalisations for payers: everyone's a winner! While nanomedicines are not new, it is the next generation of nanotechnology that has the potential to be a game changer for how pharma develops and monetises its therapies. This disruptive technology offers pharma a visionary business model–the question is how, and where, are the nanomedicine wins in the short and long term, and what must Pharma do now to really benefit in the future?

In The Impact of Nanomedicine in the Pharma Industry we interviewed leading nanomedicine experts to help you identify where nanomedicines are now and the future high-impact technologies that pharma must focus on.

Experts scan the nanomedicines horizon

  • Where is nanomedicine currently in use and in development at the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies?
  • Where is the value proposition for pharma in the development of nanomedicines–nanotechnology-based drugs and delivery, nanotheranostics, nanoimaging, nanobots, etc?
  • What are the key challenges to overcome if nanomedicine is to become more widely adopted in the future?
  • What can you learn from nanodiagnostics/nanotheranostics companies—what are they investing in?
  • What areas of digital health can nanomedicine have the greatest impact for pharma?
  • Are there sufficient regulations and incentives in place to encourage further innovation?
  • Collaboration is critical: how can pharma tap into and work with academia to keep pace with development?
What nanomedicine experts say…

There's an enormous gulf between efficacy as measured in clinical studies and real world effectiveness. All around the world, the average adherence to medicines is under 50 percent, and it's overly simplistic to blame the patients. Nanomedicine has the opportunity to address what is potentially the biggest public health problem there is out there.

US Nanomedicine Expert

In terms of the application, I am seeing a trend to run towards more immunology or even neonatology applications, where you're activating the immune system. I'm also seeing a trend towards combination therapies…everyone agrees that nanotechnology for many, many drugs can at least open the therapeutic window on the safety side of things, which is often a larger problem to overcome when dosing drugs in combination.

US Nanomedicine Expert

One of the hottest issues now is how to use exosomes as drug delivery systems, because of their lack of immunogenicity. How can we use exosomes to modulate the biological background of healthy tissues to change immunological aspects of the human body?

EU Nanomedicine Expert

What to expect
  • A detailed report exploring the innovative world of nanomedicine and the opportunities and challenges pharma must overcome if advanced nanotechnology is to deliver safer targeted medicines and stakeholder benefits
  • An examination of 10 key issues that pharma needs to understand and respond to
  • 24 targeted questions put to nanomedicine experts
  • Their perceptive responses that provided 35current insights supported by 58 directly quoted comments
Expert contributors

The report harnesses critical insights from front line experts who completely understand the current and future potential of nanomedicine. In order to allow for candid responses, we have agreed to keep some of their names anonymous.
  • Beat Löffler, MA, MD h.c. Science Investigator, Concept Engineer for Scientific Programmes, Congresses and Events, CEO of the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine, CLINAM Managing Director of Loeffler & Associates GmbH Concept Engineering, Switzerland
  • George Savage, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Proteus Digital Health, USA
  • Laurent Levy, CEO at Nanobiotix, France
  • Simó Schwartz Jr, Director CIBBIM-Nanomedicine (VHIR), CIBBIM-Nanomedicine Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Anonymous, Nanomedicine Developer, Leading Pharma Company
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1.Subject synopsis
2.Research methodology and objectives
2.1.Desk research
2.2.Expert interviews
4.Key insights summary
5.Issues and insights
5.1.A uniform international definition of nanomedicine does not currently exist
5.1.1.Issue summary
5.1.3.Key insights
5.1.4.Supporting quotes
5.1.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.2.Nanomedicines value proposition to the pharma industry
5.2.1.Issue summary
5.2.3.Key insights
5.2.4.Supporting quotes
5.2.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.3.A plethora of nanotechnology delivery systems to choose from
5.3.1.Issue summary
5.3.3.Key insights
5.3.4.Supporting quotes
5.3.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.4.Looking beyond oncology reformulations to precision nanomedicines
5.4.1.Issue summary
5.4.3.Key insights
5.4.4.Supporting quotes
5.4.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.5.Nanorobots to search and destroy or repair cells
5.5.1.Issue summary
5.5.3.Key insights
5.5.4.Supporting quotes
5.5.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.6.Nanodiagnostics to provide early diagnosis
5.6.1.Issue summary
5.6.3.Key insights
5.6.4.Supporting quotes
5.6.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.7.Nanomedicine at the interface of digital health
5.7.1.Issue summary
5.7.3.Key insights
5.7.4.Supporting quotes
5.7.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.8.Pharma needs to strengthen its collaboration with academia
5.8.1.Issue summary
5.8.3.Key insights
5.8.4.Supporting quotes
5.8.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.9.Slow and steady adoption of nanotechnology by pharma
5.9.1.Issue summary
5.9.3.Key insights
5.9.4.Supporting quotes
5.9.5.Intelligence exhibits
5.10.Regulator advice evolving but better in vivo models are needed to facilitate the translation of nanomedicines to the clinic
5.10.1.Issue summary
5.10.3.Key insights
5.10.4.Supporting quotes
5.10.5.Intelligence exhibits
6.Further reading

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