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Customer Experience (CX) in Physician and HCP Engagement

Customer Experience (CX) in Physician and HCP Engagement


A physician’s good customer experience is your biggest asset!

Positive customer engagement with healthcare professionals (HCP) builds loyalty to your brands and trust in your company. In a crowded market, the level of the customers’ satisfaction gives you a competitive edge and is fast becoming central to success, yet many companies are still falling short.

The message from this compelling report is that for relationships to be enhanced, pharma must listen to what physicians and HCPs want and know how they want to access it. To stay relevant to clinical stakeholders pharma must engage, listen, reflect and adapt to their ever evolving information needs.

“Now, customer experience really is the brand,” Julie O’Donnell Head of Global Customer Interaction Management, Lundbeck

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Answering key questions

  • Customer Experience Management: What are the essential ingredients for delivering a successful CX programme?
  • All in it together? There is a tendency for pharma to think in silos – how can this be challenged to deliver coherent company-wide customer communications?
  • Same goal, different needs: How can pharma meet the differing content and communication preferences of physicians and other healthcare professionals?
  • Something different: How will high levels of customer satisfaction differentiate your product in a crowded market place and encourage wider use?
  • Getting it wrong: Why do so many digital initiatives fail to engage physicians and HCPs?
  • Wider support: How can stakeholders work with pharma to create a mutually beneficial customer experience?
  • Evaluation: What analytics, KPIs and techniques can be employed to measure the effectiveness of initiatives to improve the customers’ experience?
  • Face Time: As access to clinical staff becomes more limited, what role can field-based personnel play as digital communications drive clinical engagement and information sharing opportunities?
Key Topics Explored:
  • The speed at which digital technology progresses often leaves pharma behind the curve. What can industry learn from other sectors that deliver a high-quality CX?
  • When it comes to marketing channels, less can be more. Too many touchpoints dilute impact and can confuse the user, so how can you get the balance right?
  • The blend of content and technology is critical. Healthcare professionals are busy people; lack lustre content and complicated digital tools do not make their lives easier and will not get used.
  • When it comes to meeting the information needs of HCPs, content that improves patient outcomes is king.
Expert Contributors
  • Neil Aubuchon: Vice President of Global Marketing at Santen
  • Victoria Bates: Customer Operations Director, Pfizer UK
  • David Clarke: Director of Ethical Reach, Author, and Multichannel Exponent
  • Frank Dolan: Area Sales Director at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (the views expressed in this report are his own and not those of ACADIA Pharmaceuticals)
  • Richie Etwaru: Chief Digital Officer at IMS Health, Author, and TED Speaker
  • John Fish: Global Director Mobile/CX Strategy at AstraZeneca
  • Aimee Lucas: Customer Experience Transformist, Vice President at Temkin Group
  • Julie O’Donnell: Senior Director, Head of Global Customer Interaction Management at Lundbeck
  • James Quekett: GP and Director for Primary Care at M3 (EU),
  • Ash Rishi: Managing Director of COUCH Medical Communications
  • Timothy White: Head of Customer Experience and Teva Pharmaceuticals
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1 Executive Summary
2 Research Objectives
3 Research Methodology
3.1 Experts interviewed
3.2 Definitions
4 Customer experience is gaining ground
4.1 Interaction time with physicians is declining
4.2 Technology can be effective at reviving engagement with HCPs
4.3 Technological absorption in pharma is growing
4.4 Obstacles and gaps in customer experience
4.5 HCPs and physicians want more education and adherence
4.6 Pharma’s concept of customer experience can still be improved
5 Defining HCP-pharma engagement and customer experience
5.1 Key insights
5.2 Engagement is complex and multi-dimensional
5.3 Engagement means getting the HCP involved
5.4 CX needs consistent and all-encompassing engagement
5.5 CX as the new business differentiator
5.6 SWOT analysis for CX in pharma
6 Developments, trends and other drivers for better HCP customer experience
6.1 Key insights
6.2 Democratisation of information and proliferation of data
6.3 Inefficient and less than optimal digital products
6.4 Time and patience of HCPs getting shorter and shorter
6.5 The shift towards a patient-centric approach
7 Barriers to improving HCP customer experience
7.1 Key insights
7.2 Traditional mindsets, sales strategies and silos
7.3 The landscape of tough competition
7.4 Fragmentation of CX due to too many touchpoints
8 Future opportunities from effective customer experience management
8.1 Key insights
8.2 Education on technology
8.3 Improvement of data aggregation and products and services
8.4 Real-world data
9 Customer experience management – pharma’s responsibility
9.1 Key insights
9.2 Recognise the broader journey and guide the HCP
9.3 A customer-centric approach and a horizontal mindset
9.4 Engage and train the organisation
9.5 Engaging physicians with other organisational members in mind.
10 CXM – The responsibility of other stakeholders
10.1 Key insights
10.2 Every stakeholder’s role in facilitating the development of competent and confident doctors
10.3 The role of regulatory bodies on HCP experience and education
10.4 Partners need to align with pharma’s CX approach
10.5 Speaking out and co-creating with pharma
11 The role of multichannel and mobile technology
11.1 Key insights
11.2 Provides personalised access and builds conversations
11.4 Managing multiple and simultaneous touchpoints
12 Strategy, innovation and change for delivering customer experience
12.1 Key insights
12.2 Customer journey map with moments
12.3 Orchestrated customer engagement
12.4 Convenient and simplified digital platforms for HCPs and doctors
13 Effective customer experience management
13.1 Key insights
13.2 Four elements of effective CXM
13.3 A seamless linking of digital and non-digital channels
13.4 Content is still king
13.5 Out-of-industry examples
13.6 Within-industry examples
14 Measuring HCP engagement and customer experience
14.1 Key insights
14.2 Using data capture and advanced analytics to generate key customer insights
14.3 Net Promoter Score
14.4 Using key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of digital initiatives
14.5 The CX IndexTM
15 Conclusions
16 Appendix

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