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  • Hog & Pig Farming

    ... and produces about half of the world's pork. The EU and the US are the next largest producers of pork. The US hog and pig farming industry includes some 65,000 farms -- about 22,000 of ... Read More

  • Animal Production

    ... Pilgrim's Pride, and Smithfield Foods (all based in the US) as well as JBS (Brazil), Industrias Bachoco (Mexico), and Ingham Enterprises (Australia). Worldwide, meat production totals more than 330 million tons. Brazil, China, the EU, ... Read More

  • Dairy Products Manufacturing

    ... and Land O'Lakes (all based in the US), as well as Danone and Groupe Lactalis (France); Fonterra Co-operative Group (New Zealand); Koninklijke FrieslandCampina (the Netherlands); Meiji (Japan); and Nestlé (Switzerland). Worldwide dairy product sales total ... Read More

  • Vegetable & Melon Farming

    ... with Chaoda Modern Agriculture (based in Hong Kong), Fresh Del Monte Produce (Cayman Islands), and Mastronardi Produce (Canada). Worldwide, more than 1 trillion metric tonnes of vegetable and melon crops are produced each year. China, ... Read More

  • Fruit & Tree Nut Farming

    ... Diamond Growers, the National Grape Cooperative and its Welch's subsidiary, and Citrus World's cooperative Florida's Natural Growers, all based in the US. Worldwide, more than 689 million metric tonnes of fruit and nut crops are ... Read More

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