Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance for Beginners!

Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance for Beginners!

The strong emphasis on the moral consequences of excessive uncertainty, prohibiting interest, harmful business finance, and other financial transactions distinguish Islamic finance from conventional finance. The risk-sharing approach of Islamic finance is unique when it comes to the mitigation of risk. If you are new to Islamic finance, this authoritative book titled “Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance for Beginners” will help you have an excellent knowledge of Islamic finance.

This powerful book will:
Show you what Takaful is – the form, function, past, present, and future
Mutuality, cooperation, and solidarity in Takaful
Models of Takaful –such as Waqf-Wakalah Model
Takaful structures and product analysis of Takaful

Getting the success-driven book is the only way you can explore all the benefits it has to offer. Even though we are not native speakers, and this product might not contain all the information about Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance, you won’t regret getting this book. Do you know why? The nuance and context of this great book will be an essential stepping stone for people who want to know about Islamic finance and Takaful. Also, it will be a good resource for practitioners and scholars working in Islamic finance. Additionally, it is going to be a good asset for people who want something that can replace shari'ah-compliant cooperative finance.

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Whether you are a scholar, practitioner, researcher, or someone who is randomly interested in Islamic finance and Takaful, this book can be a bedrock for excellent and basic knowledge in Takaful and Islamic Cooperative Finance. So, why wait for tomorrow to come when you can get a success-driven and powerful book and gain more knowledge now!

Chapter 1
History, Definition and the Operations of Takaful and Islamic Cooperative
Chapter 2
What Is Takaful?
Understanding Takaful
Operating Principles of Takaful
Differences between Conventional Insurance and Takaful
Global Takaful Market
Bans of Gharar, Riba, and Maysir
Gambling and Insurance
Chapter 3
Basis and Principles of Takaful
How Takaful differs from Conventional Insurance
How Takaful Works
The Policyholders Funds
The Shareholders Fund
Investment of Funds
Coverage types under Takaful
General Takaful Concept
Family Takaful Concept
Features of Takaful
Cash back policy for No claims
Compliant with Shariah
Chapter 4
Status of Takaful
5 Things you need to know about Takaful
Takaful is an essential part of Islamic finance
Just like Islamic banks, Takaful plays a vital financial planning role in the society
The financial interests of the participants are protected because the takaful operators provide public
schemes that fall under two main categories - general and family.
Takaful operators are only seen as agents that manage and ensure the success of the project
The concept of takaful is not about making profits, rather, it is about caring for people around you
and sharing mutual relationship with members of a group that engages in takaful scheme and share
the returns among themselves
Why is Takaful unique?
Misconceptions About Takaful
Misconception 1 - Believe that takaful is meant for Muslims alone and non-muslims should engage in
conventional insurance.
Misconception 2 - There's no security in takaful unlike in conventional insurance.
Misconception 3- Takaful is a religious matter, and as such, standard business procedures are not
Misconception 4- The Aim of Takaful is not the same as that of conventional insurance.
Misconception 5- Due to its perceived religious nature, Takaful contains unethical elements.
Chapter 5
Takaful Models
Differences between Takaful and conventional Insurance
Co-operative Insurance

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