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Successful Integrated Planning For the Supply Chain

Successful Integrated Planning For the Supply Chain

Successful Integrated Planning For Supply Chain!

Do you know that lack of effective integrated planning for supply chain can constraint the performance of an organization? However, there are some unique challenges that come with managing changes to the supply chain, especially when several functions and stakeholders are involved. For anyone who wants to implement change in the supply chain, our powerful short book with the title “Successful Integrated Planning for Supply Chain” is here to help.

This invaluable guide will:
Show you how you can implement integrated business planning and create suitable improvements in any organization
Provide deep and systematic approaches to change interventions
Provide a comprehensive understanding of the human side of integrated planning in supply chain
Offer you great navigation index for reference guides and more!

The only way to enjoy all the benefits this power-driven book provides is to get the book. No doubt, we are not native speakers, and our book might provide everything you need to know about integrated supply chain planning. However, our main focus is to provide you and those who are struggling with the implementation of operations, sales, and integrated business planning a well-rounded understanding of supply chain and integrated planning.

With this top-notch book, you can save up to $1000 because the price is affordable and won’t stretch your pocket. Also, the book 100-percent risk-free so you can try it for 7-days. More interestingly, you can ask for a refund through our “manage my kindle page” within 7-days if you are not satisfied.

You will see a buy button upper right side of this page, click it, and this powerful book will be yours.

The fact remains that this informative book is all you need to achieve a successful integrated supply chain planning. This success propelling product is waiting for you, so why wait until tomorrow? Take action now!

Chapter 1
Supply Chain Integration
The Goal of Supply Chain Integration
Information Flows
Physical logistics
Chapter 2
Definition and Challenges
Challenges and Obstacles of Supply Chain Integration
Framework for Analysis
Chapter 3
Partnerships, Alliances, and Cooperation
Chapter 4
Strategy and Planning
Management of customers’ requests
Logistic Management
Operation flexibility management
Setting up standards of trade
Management of Purchases
Business integration
Application Integration
Adaptation to the extranet system
Business process integration
Chapter 5
Strategy Implementation
Implementation issues
Chapter 5
Supply Chain Models
SCOR Model
Agile vs. Lean
Chapter 6
Elements in the Operational Management Level
Internal Integration and Collaborative Operation of Within Focal Firm
Organize around Outcomes and not tasks
External Collaboration and Collaborative Supply Chain Operation
Supplier Integration
Distributor Integration
Customer Integration

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