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Espicom Business Intelligence – a Business Monitor International company - is a leading provider of specialist pharmaceutical and medical device market information. Based in the UK and with 30 years of experience, the company produces a broad range of healthcare business and therapy titles. Reports and services span the industry from comprehensive newsletters in key areas such as cancer drugs, generics and drug delivery to in-depth market, company and therapy reports.
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13 Reports from Espicom Healthcare Intelligence

  • The World Medical Markets Factbook 2015

    ... % of GDP? How are the economic downturn and currency fluctuations affecting expenditure in key Asian markets? Which medical device sectors are growing the fastest and where? How does the Brazilian medical market compare with ... Read More

  • Finland Medical Devices Report

    ... population would indicate a steady rise in medical device consumption, increasing financial pressures on the healthcare system are likely to constrain future growth rates. Although Finland has a history of high quality domestic production, the ... Read More

  • Denmark Medical Devices Report

    ... scale back the country's generous welfare system. As such the market is only expected to show low growth with a US dollar CAGR of 1.9% forecast for the 2013-2018 period. Local production is focused on ... Read More

  • The Medical Device Market: Ireland

    ... in 2013. In US dollar terms, t he market contracted between 2008 and 201 3 , but returned to growth in 2013 and is forecas t to grow at a CAGR of 2.2 % in ... Read More

  • Hospital Point-of-Care Diagnostics Market to 2018

    ... Key product sectors analysed include: POC clinical chemistry Haematology and blood gas/electrolyte analysers POC cardiac marker tests to help diagnose heart attacks, heart failure and thrombosis in the ER POC urinalysis products; and products that ... Read More

  • Worldwide Pharmaceuticals Market Forecasts to 2019

    ... Market Forecasts to 2019 provides you with global, regional and national views on the worldwide pharmaceutical market to reveal key insights into the future outlook. Worldwide Pharmaceutical Market Forecasts to 2019 g ives you data ... Read More

  • The World Medical Market Fact Book 2014

    ... and healthcare indicators for 72 countries around the world. World rankings are found in section one, while summaries are also provided at the beginning of each regional section. The report begins with a global overview, ... Read More

  • Understanding The UAE's Regional Healthcare Markets

    ... charts and maps, this is the one report you need to fully appreciate the United Arab Emirates’s diverse regional health environments in the context of neighbouring provinces/states/territories and the national picture. Written in association with ... Read More

  • The Cardiology Point-of-Care Diagnostics Market to 2018

    ... a directory of over 60 companies active in this area, as well as full profiles of the market leaders, including product portfolio, financial, R&D, agreements, and merger and acquisition information, this report covers key product ... Read More

  • Understanding India's Regional Healthcare Markets

    ... maps, this is the one report you need to fully appreciate the India’s diverse regional health environments in the context of neighbouring provinces/states/territories and the national picture. Written in association with Business Monitor International, this ... Read More

  • Understanding Mexico's Regional Health Markets

    ... forecast that healthcare spending will increase from MXN965.46bn (US$73.31bn) in 2012 to MXN1,418.09bn (US$119.17bn) in 2017, representing a CAGR of 8.2% in local currency and 10.2% in dollars. But this forecast conceals regional variations in ... Read More

  • Understanding the US's Regional Healthcare Markets

    ... by a robust economy and political stability. Access to healthcare in general and medicines in particular is unmatched globally. Patients, prescribers and payers are accustomed to the newest and, by definition, most expensive therapeutics and ... Read More

  • The Global Market for Advanced Wound Care Products 2014

    ... companies who currently operate here. It is essential reading for anyone who needs to plan, sell or operate within the advanced wound care product sectors. In 2013, the global market for advanced wound care had ... Read More

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