What action can government take to improve food safety in a diverse and multi-cultural hospitality industry?

What action can government take to improve food safety in a diverse and multi-cultural hospitality industry?

The World Health Organization’s website includes ‘ten facts on food safety’ which they say account for the main reasons why millions of people fall ill every year and many die as a result of eating unsafe food. Serious outbreaks of foodborne disease have been documented on every continent in the past decade, and in many countries rates of illnesses are increasing significantly. Given the scale of the problem, this ebook explores the ways in which government agencies and industry can work together to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve food safety management standards in the hospitality industry. The editor Eunice Taylor led the team that developed ‘Safer Food Better Business’ for the UK Food Standards Agency from 2001-2005 and her ebook builds on recent work with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority. The writing team draw on a long-term project in Abu Dhabi to provide both policy guidelines and action points for industry.

An industry perspective: a new model of Food Safety Culture Excellence and the impact of audit on food safety standards,Developing a government strategy to meet international standards of food safety across the hospitality industry,Developing a solution for small businesses: the creation of Salamt Zadna, a unique food safety management system for small businesses in Abu Dhabi.,Editorial,Improving food safety – replicating the Abu Dhabi success story,Knowing the status: gathering baseline data on food safety management across the Abu Dhabi hospitality industry,Setting the standard: the development of bespoke guides for HACCP-based food safety management systems for different sectors of the hospitality industry,The small business dilemma: understanding and reacting to the unique requirements of Abu Dhabi small businesses in achieving food safety standards

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