Sustainable development at universities: trends from Africa

Sustainable development at universities: trends from Africa

Africa has often been highlighted as the continent that suffers most from many social problems. Child mortality and maternal mortality are high in sub-Saharan Africa. Low incomes, weak health infrastructure, difficulties of access to health facilities, and high prevalence of endemic diseases are among the explanations. In addition, the continent is affected by many environmental problems, especially droughts but also biodiversity losses, among others. Apart from the fact that the region contains many countries which are economically disadvantaged, it has remained a region where net out-migration to the rest of the world is especially high. Among the 10 countries with more than 4 million inhabitants having the highest emigration rates of skilled workers to OECD countries, six are African countries.

Yet, the African continent has a great potential in respect of both, its natural resources and its people. Sustainability is one of the keys for the long-term development of the African continent, and it is important that sustainable development efforts are supported across it. African universities are uniquely placed to support such efforts, and there are many good works taking place, which illustrate how universities across Africa perceive and handle matters related to sustainable development.

The e-book "Sustainable Development at Universities: Trends from Africa" seeks to provide a venue for a celebration of the achievements on sustainable development in higher education in Africa. In particular, it entails chapters on empirical studies, projects and practical experiences which show how universities across Africa treat and handle matters related to sustainable development. The e-book contains contributions from experts, living in Africa or working in cooperation with scholars based at African universities, offering a unique insight into what has been done –and also what can be done- to foster the cause of sustainable development at universities in the African continent.

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