Sub-prime scholarship

Sub-prime scholarship

Academic labour is increasingly undertaken by a diverse and hierarchical workforce where not all perspectives are heard. Professors comprise only 20% of tenured academics – of which only 20% are women and most of the able bodies working in universities are white and straight. An estimated 50 to 60% of academic work (teaching and research) is undertaken by a casual and disposable workforce employed on short-term teaching or research contracts with little or no job security. This eBook is a collection of peer-reviewed papers from the Discourse, Power, Resistance (DPR) conference that articulate the absence of presence within the academy of sub-prime scholarship.

‘I was made to feel very discriminated against as an anglo-saxon’: grappling with pedagogies of change,A qualitative software novice’s review of QDA Miner 4.0,Action researching power in an ESL and academic writing classroom,Applying Halliday’s linguistic theory in qualitative data analysis,Australian citizenship in interesting times: curriculum, culture and immigrants as contested terrain,Case writing for collaborative practice in Education Studies,Editorial: sub-prime scholarship,Festival as methodology: the African cultural youth arts festival,Gender discrimination in the way the Vietnamese talk about face th? di?n: results from interviews with Vietnamese teachers,In danger of writing: performing the poetics and politics of autoethnography with Hélène Cixous and Virginia Woolf,Of fish and goddesses: using photo-elicitation with sex workers,Researching the researcher: the heart and mind in sub-prime times,The participant as evolving protagonist,This is the sound of one voice: singing to see beyond boundaries in a university community choir

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