Social Inclusion - International Perspectives

Social Inclusion - International Perspectives

This important special issue highlights research and learning from the transatlantic”Citizenship, Recovery, Inclusive Society Partnership” (CRISP). CRISP has worked for 4 yearsto bring together academics, policy-makers and peers from across the US and Europe inexchanges, conferences and research projects. Partners include Yale University, New YorkUniversity, Illinois Institute of Technology, Ulm University, The Mental Health Foundationand Finland Association for Mental Health. Dozens of beneficiaries spent a month or more inanother country learning from and with them.

Together we explored the social exclusion faced by people with mental health conditions,and the initiatives and policies that can promote greater equality and inclusion. We framedthis in the context of stigma, recovery and citizenship. These are important areas of mentalhealth research in their own right but our approach was to understand how these conceptsrelated to one another and how they can inform policy solutions.

Capturing the value of peer support: measuring recovery-oriented services,Editorial 18.3,Peer Support on the “Inside and Outside”: Building lives and reducing recidivism for people with mental illness returning from jail,Positive Mental Health – a Whole School Approach by Jonathan Glazzard & Rachel Bostwick (Positive Mental Health series, Critical Publishing),Recovery and self-identity development following a first episode of psychosis,Short Editorial 18.3,Stigma, Inclusion and India’s Mental Healthcare Act 2017,Suicide-related disclosure: implications for inclusion and recovery,The Inner Level,What’s citizenship got to do with mental health? Rationale for inclusion of citizenship as part of a mental health strategy

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