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Recent advances in electrical machines (ICEMS 2014)

Recent advances in electrical machines (ICEMS 2014)

This special e-book of COMPEL includes the extended and improved versions of a selection of papers presented at the 17th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS2014, 22–25 October, 2014, Hangzhou, China).

The current trends of electrical machines include: high torque, high torque density, high power, high power density, high speed, direct drive, high efficiency, high flux adjustability, high reliability, high fault tolerance, high manufacturability, low cost, low noise and vibration, high system performance, high integration of materials, power electronics, machines, and controllers.

System level integration and design consideration are key technologies and are essential for different applications. Various design considerations at the system levels should be taken into account, otherwise the electrical machines may not be able to satisfy the system requirement and/or the drive and controller cannot fully exploit the potential capacity which an electrical machine can offer. Permanent magnet machines exhibit high torque density and high efficiency and are most extensively investigated with significant development. They become popular for numerous applications, ranging from domestic appliances, electric vehicles/hybrid electric vehicles, more electric aircrafts, to wind power generation. However, rare-earth permanent magnets are still relatively expensive and there are concerns about their resources and relatively high cost. Hence, “magnetless” machines, using no magnet or fewer magnets, are being seriously investigated or re-examined; e.g. induction machines and switched reluctance machines and wound field machines.

Numerous electrical machine topologies are emerging; each may exhibit some novel features but also problems. There is no “perfect” electrical machine and the advantages are highly dependent on application and requirement. This special e-book is mainly dedicated to the design, analysis, and control of permanent magnet synchronous machines and switched reluctance machines.

3D eddy current and temperature field analysis of edge induction heater,A five-phase 20-slot/18-pole PMSM for electric vehicles,Analysis and determination of mechanical bearing load caused by unbalanced magnetic pull,Analysis of thrust ripple harmonics on different electric loadings in PM linear synchronous machines with skewed PMs,Analytical sub-domain model for predicting open-circuit field of permanent magnet Vernier machine accounting for tooth tips,Cogging torque in SPM machine with segmented stator,Comparative study on synchronous reluctance and PM machines,Comparison between induction machine and interior permanent magnet machine for electric vehicle application,Control simulation of PMSM traction system of high speed train when passing neutral section,Design of a novel permanent magnet linear synchronous motor with segmented armature core for ropeless lifter,Design of external rotor switched flux memory machine with hybrid magnets,Design of synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet synchronous reluctance machines for electric vehicle application,DTC of reconfigured three level inverter fed IM drives following a leg failure,Electromagnetic performance of switched flux PM machines with two separate stators,Equivalent stator slot model of temperature field for high torque-density permanent magnet synchronous in-wheel motors accounting for winding type,Fundamental characteristics and first prototype of a novel claw pole type half-wave rectified variable field flux motor,Influence of back-EMF and current harmonics on sensorless control performance of single and dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machines,Influence of design parameters on inductances of e-core axial field flux-switching permanent magnet machines,Influence of end-effect on torque-speed characteristics of various switched flux permanent magnet machine topologies,Influence of interlocking dowels on motor core loss,Investigation of modular odd-pole PM linear synchronous motors with flux gaps,Linear induction motor drive for woodworking machine application,Modeling and simulation analysis of the hybrid excitation synchronous machine system utilizing tooth harmonic for excitation,Novel switched flux machine with radial and circumferential permanent magnets,Partitioned stator flux reversal machines having Halbach array PMs,Research on yokeless double-sided multi-tooth flux-switching linear motor,Special issue on recent advances in electrical machines,Sub-domain analytical model for armature reaction field of permanent magnet Vernier machine,Switched-flux machines with hybrid NdFeB and ferrite magnets,The efficiency characteristics analysis and optimization of the magnetic resonance wireless power transmission to multiple receivers,Thermal modeling and analysis of double-sided water-cooled permanent magnet linear synchronous machines

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