Moral Perspectives of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Moral Perspectives of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Morally evaluating equality, diversity and inclusion remains an under-theorized field. Within the discourse on equality, diversity and inclusion, the term 'justice' is predominantly used in a more intuitive way, and is mostly not rooted in a specific philosophy. Just as "there is no sound general answer to the question "is affirmative action just?"" (Lippert-Rasmussen, 2017, p. 76), one can also not expect an indisputable answer to the question as to whether any approach towards equality, diversity and inclusion is morally praiseworthy or just. However, much more critical reflection and theorizing of the moral value (i.e., the moral 'goodness' or 'evilness') of the differing approaches is required. Instead of implicitly applying prescriptive ethics, which are mostly based on intuitive reasoning, or simple political convictions, future research could enrich the discourse on the moral evaluation of diversity management, inclusion programs, and organizational equality approaches, with new philosophical facets and perspectives; perspectives that might differ from those taken in the predominantly American discourse. This special issue hopes to contribute to this endeavor through the four contributions included within it.

An indisputable "holy trinity"? On the moral value of equality, diversity, and inclusion,Ethics and intercultural communication in diversity management,HPWS and climate for inclusion: a moral legitimacy lens ,Justice and fairness in the workplace: a trajectory for managing diversity,Remarks on disability rights legislation

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