Modernizing Africa Food Systems: Implications for Agricultural Education and Training in Africa

Modernizing Africa Food Systems: Implications for Agricultural Education and Training in Africa

The papers assembled in this e-book explore four major themes related to Africa’s food system transformation:

  • the magnitude of changes in consumer demand for various categories food products;
  • implications for labor demand and workforce requirements deriving from these rapidly growing, rapidly changing agrifood markets
  • consumer and public health implications of Africa’s food system transformation and its emerging nutrition transition
  • agricultural education challenges in matching the preparation of African youth with workforce skill needs in the continent’s rapidly changing, rapidly growing agrifood system.
The empirical investigations reported in these articles draw on recent engagement with agribusiness leaders, agricultural education institutions, public health officials and an array of distinguished agricultural professionals in order to identify promising arenas in which early action by AET institutions may facilitate agrifood system transitions and help to shape food and nutrition trajectories and workforce development in Africa over the coming generation.

Africa’s unfolding diet transformation: implications for agrifood system employment,Challenges for Agricultural Education and Training (AET) institutions in preparing growing student populations for productive careers in the Agri-Food System,Implications of changing agri-food system structure for agricultural education and training in Sub-Saharan Africa,Motivating and preparing African youth for successful careers in agribusiness: insights from agricultural role models,Special issue introduction: Sub-Saharan Africa’s agri-food system in transition

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