Fuzzy approaches to production research and information management I

Fuzzy approaches to production research and information management I

In the first paper the aim is to present a methodology which enables to measure and analyze the performance of sub-process and overall system of a cargo company. The study presented provides insights into the performance measurement applications in cargo sector. The methodology presented provides the flexibility of removing or adding some new sub-processes and also DMUs which enables the approach to be used for other performance evaluation problems.

In the second paper the author aims to find most appropriate production strategy for a manufacturing plant by using integrated interval valued intuitionistic fuzzy (IVIF) AHP & TOPSIS approach. To the best of our knowledge, an integrated IVIF-AHP & TOPSIS methodology is used for the prioritization of production strategies for the first time.

In the third paper a hesitant fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (HFAHP) based multi criteria decision making (MCDM) system is proposed for CNC router selection in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in woodwork manufacturing. The value of the paper is two-fold. First, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that proposes a woodworking-specific CNC router selection for SMEs. Second, to handle the high uncertainty in the judgements, and to facilitate consensus among the experts during face to face meetings to develop compromised matrices, a very recently developed method, HFAHP is use.

In the fourth paper the aim is to develop the Pythagorean fuzzy extension of CODAS method and the value is the proposal of a new method to use for the solutions of multi criteria decision making problems under vagueness and impreciseness. To show validity and effectiveness of the proposed method, an application to the supplier selection problem is given.

In the fifth paper aim is to present the Augmented Reality eyeglass selection problem based on Neutrosophic MULTIMOORA method which is a very new multi-objective method. Evaluating AR goggles by using the Neutrosophic MULTIMOORA method for the first time is the originality of this paper.

In the sixth paper proposed methodology is applied to an underground chrome mine and obtaining significant findings of mining risky operations is targeted. The major contribution of this paper is to develop a methodology for the risk analysis of a variety of mining accidents and incidents.

In the seventh paper study proposes a new integrated method for evaluating inventory of slow-moving items by introducing the application of fuzzy AHP method with interval Type-2 fuzzy sets and ABC analysis. Apart from inventory classification literature, the study integrates fuzzy AHP method by employing interval Type-2 fuzzy sets and ABC analysis to solve the real life inventory classification problem.

In the eighth paper the study aims to evaluate existing data collection technologies. In this paper, technology selection problem has been handled using Hesitant Analytic Hierarchy Process for the first time.

A risk analysis model for mining accidents using a fuzzy approach based on fault tree analysis,An application of Network Data Envelopment Analysis with fuzzy data for the performance evaluation in cargo sector,An integrated fuzzy approach for classifying slow-moving items,Augmented Reality goggles selection by using neutrosophic MULTIMOORA method,CNC router selection for SMEs in woodwork manufacturing using hesitant fuzzy AHP method,Fuzzy approaches in production research and information management,In-store behavioral analytics technology selection using fuzzy decision making,Prioritization of production strategies of a manufacturing plant by using an integrated intuitionistic fuzzy AHP & TOPSIS approach,Pythagorean fuzzy CODAS and its application to supplier selection in a manufacturing firm

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