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A Decade of Society & Business Review: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

A Decade of Society & Business Review: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

The decade of existence of the Society and Business Review could be seen as an academic and editorial materialization of what Milton Friedman seemed to fear. We do agree with him that the idea of corporate officers being responsible (and accountable) is a “subversive doctrine”, and a much needed one! Over the years, authors have published – here and in other journals - many fascinating articles, building brick by brick the intellectual project of offering an alternative to the mainstream financial stockholder-centric model. We hope, and like to think, that the SBR has contributed to the resistance, subversion and proposal. A lot of work is still needed obviously, but this present issue is very special to us; it is the journal’s 10-year anniversary.

To celebrate a decade of existence, we selected seven papers that we think offer a fair representation of the journal. We have then offered their authors to re-publish them with a foreword that would reflect on the evolution of the topic they tackled, and its relevance today. Taken together, these articles draw a picture of our editorial line. And as an introduction, we would like to clarify why the Society and Business Review is not about business and society, but rather about business in society.

Are competition and corporate social responsibility compatible? The myth of sustainable competitive advantage,Conceptualising public-private partnerships: a critical appraisal of approaches to meanings and forms,Doubling: there's no escape from terror / doubling: there's an escape from commodification ....?,Free will in social and psychological contracts,From society and business to business in society,Re-thinking induction in practice: Profession, peer group and organization in contention,South Africa’s bold and unique experiment in CSR practice,The ethics of care as a determinant for stakeholder inclusion and CSR perception in business education

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