Cultural Issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in the Arab/Muslim world

Cultural Issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure in the Arab/Muslim world

There has been a significant increase in the number of studies investigating cultural influences on consumer behavior in tourism, hospitality and leisure, particularly in Australia, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. However, despite the tradition of rich culture and hospitality, despite the importance of tourism to the economies of Arab/Muslim countries, and despite the natural and cultural resources with which Arab/Muslim countries are divinely endowed, and despite the popularity of tourism in these countries, studies focusing on consumer behavior in hospitality, tourism and leisure in the Arab/Muslim countries as well as studies about the Arab/Muslim tourists are still sparse. This e-book aims to encourage research and stimulate academic discussion about tourism, hospitality and leisure issues in the Arab/Muslim world, with particular focus on consumer behavior.

A framework for understanding the website preferences of Egyptian online travel consumers,Cultural issues in tourism, hospitality and leisure in the Arab/Muslim world,Factors influencing travel to Islamic destinations: an empirical analysis of Kuwaiti nationals,Involvement and brand equity: a conceptual model for Muslim tourists,Shaping destination image and identity: insights for Arab tourism at the Gold Coast, Australia,Understanding the traveling behavior of muslims in the United States

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