Cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research: Psychology, Behavior, and Beyond

Cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research: Psychology, Behavior, and Beyond

The objective of this e-book is to extend the debate on the role of culture in consumer theory and examine psychological and other influences on consumer behavior in cross-cultural and cross-national contexts. The articles chosen for this edition include studies that examine sub-cultures within a single country, as well as several that move beyond the dominant US/Western European consumer sampling frame. The topics investigated range from psychological investigations of consumer perceptions and motivations, to behavioral assessments of communication and purchase. Overall, the resulting nine articles provide new insights into the latest cross-national and cross-cultural consumer research, which enhances theoretical and practical understanding across a varied set of contexts involving data from fifteen different countries.

A cross-nationally validated decision-making model of environmental coaction,Baby boomers of different nations: identifying horizontal international segments based on self-perceived age,Consumer buying motives and attitudes towards organic food in two emerging markets: China and Brazil,Consumer characteristics and the use of social networking sites: a comparison between Korea and the US,Consumer-based brand equity measurement: lessons learned from an international study,Cross-cultural and cross-national consumer research: psychology, behavior, and beyond,Is there a global multichannel consumer?,Justice or compassion? Cultural differences in power norms affect consumer satisfaction with power-holders,Online movie ratings: a cross-cultural, emerging Asian markets perspective,The impact of comparative affective states on online brand perceptions: a five-country study

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