Consumers: food beliefs, attitudes and perceptions

Consumers: food beliefs, attitudes and perceptions

In a world where food availability has never been greater, choice is an increasingly important and complex topic that impacts on many consumer behaviours ranging from; food safety and poisoning (Griffith et al., 1995), environmental issues (Polymeros et al., 2015; von Meyer-Höfer et al., 2015), to health and wellbeing, (Ding et al., 2014) including obesity and obesity related diseases (Babooram et al., 2011; MacPhail et al., 2014; Robertson et al., 2014). It is now well recognised that knowledge alone is not enough to explain food related choices and actions (Mullan et al., 2013). This in turn focuses our attention on understanding and where necessary modifying the cognitions underlying these food choice decisions. These cognitions are our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, and intentions regarding the food we buy and eat, and are important to a wide variety of food businesses, health professionals, academics and others. Consequently, this is an opportune time for the British Food Journal to devote this e-book to these considerations.

An empirical analysis of international consumers’ associations with Bavarian food products by means of concept mapping,Analysing consumers’ perceived differences in wild and farmed fish,Capturing the consumer value: the case of red lentils,Characterising convinced sustainable food consumers,Consumer food cognitions: The role of beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and intentions in understanding food purchasing and related behaviours,Consumer motivation and willingness to pay for ‘safer’ vegetables in Ghana,Consumer perceptions and attitudes of organic food products in Eastern China,Consumer perceptions and motivations in choice of minimally processed vegetables: a case study in Italy.,Consumer perceptions of food quality in Malaysia,Consumers’ perceived barriers to following a plant-based diet,Decisional factors driving organic food consumption: Generation of consumer purchase intentions,Designations and consumer perceptions: an experimental study and implications for agricultural policy,Geographical region as a factor influencing consumers’ perception of functional food – case of Croatia,Impact of consumer socialization on soft drink consumption and mediating role of consumer generational behavior,Raw vegetable salad consumers in full-service restaurants,What’s in it for me? Food packaging and consumer responses, a focus group study

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