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Applied modelling, numerical simulation, computation and optimization

Applied modelling, numerical simulation, computation and optimization

With the advancement of computer hardware providing more powerful computing environments, system modeling, numerical simulation and optimization researchers have been able to challenge solving larger and more complex problems. Driven by such motivation, the innovative methodologies of system modeling, numerical simulation and optimization technologies are proposed not only in area of engineering but also in new paradigms in computer science. In addition, system modeling, numerical simulation and optimization researchers have applied the developed methods to various real world problems such as robotic system. This ebook includes the mathematical and physical theories of the nonlinear dynamics analysis, computation and optimization in physical, engineering, biological studies, and their various applications. It includes manuscripts of some of the presentations at the International Conference on Computing and Precision Engineering (ICCPE-2015) held at Nantou, Taiwan. The topics covered in this ebook include: Mechanical and Electrical System Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Computation and Nonlinear Analysis for Real World System, Optimization Schemes and Control Systems, Chaotic Systems, Other System Simulation and Applications. It is hoped that it will be of great use for engineering specialists.

A partial name prefix merging and shortening for name lookup in named data networking,A shortcut algorithm for solving long-term conjugate heat transfer problems based on quasi-steady flow ,An improved artificial bee colony algorithm for robust design of power system stabilizers,Control circuit design and chaos analysis in an ultrasonic machining system,Effects of some design parameters on bifurcation behavior of a magnetically supported coaxial rotor in auxiliary bearings,Examination of carbon-water nanofluid flow with thermal radiation under the effect of Marangoni convection,Guest editorial of the special issue entitled "Applied Modelling, Numerical Simulation, Computation and Optimization" from Cheng-Chi Wang,Heat dissipation analysis of continuously-moving plate undergoing thermal processing using laplace Adomian decomposition method,Identification of plastic anisotropy using spherical indentation on different anisotropic yield criterions,Laser-range-finder localization based fuzzy control for mobile robots,Mathematical model of energy conversion mechanism in screw centrifugal pump based on load criteria of blade airfoil,Modeling and control of an unbalanced magnetic rotor-bearing system as a bearingless motor,Numerical simulation of the influence of particle shape on the mechanical properties of rockfill materials,On the time-splitting Fourier spectral method for the coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger equations in the quantum field theory,Ontology based Baysian network for clinical specialty supporting in interactive question answering systems,Parameter identification of concrete dams using swarm intelligence algorithm,Portfolio selection with fuzzy synthetic evaluation and genetic algorithm,Prediction of construction projects’ costs based on fusion method,Simulation of dispersed phase evolution for immiscible polymer blends in injection molding,Study of a harmonic drive with involute profile flexspline by two-dimensional finite element analysis,Symmetrical valve controlled asymmetrical cylinder based on wavelet neural network

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