Global Purple Foods Market - 2021-2028

Global Purple Foods Market - 2021-2028

Market Overview

Purple foods are one of the richest sources of anthocyanins. Some popular purple fruits are purple grapes, passion fruit, figs, plums, raisins and dried plums. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, elderberries, chokeberries and bilberries are also counted as purple foods. These purple foods are helpful in preventing diseases such as, ageing, cancer, obesity and fighting inflammation. Anthocyanins can protect the heart muscle and blood vessels from oxidative damage, can reverse brain ageing by two-and-a-half years and play active role in promoting eye. Examples of this fast-growing trend are Jackson's Honest Purple Heirloom Potato Chips, Purple Corn Cereal, Que Pasa Purple Corn Tortilla Chips, Love Beets and Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes. The global purple foods market valued USD XX million in 2020 and is forecasted to reach USD XX million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 15% during the forecast period (2021-2028)

Market Dynamics

The global purple food market is mainly driven by consumer shift towards healthy foods

Nowadays people are more concern about their health which increases the demand for healthy food in the market. Most of the food processing companies use food additives to make their products up to the mark in the industry. For fulfilling the demand of the health-conscious customers, manufactures of food preferred natural coloring agents which drive the market for purple foods as they comprise of anthocyanins which offer health benefits. According to a study regular intake of anthocyanin in the form of purple foods helps to reduce the risk of respiratory disorders and heart disease. It has an anti-oxidant property which helps to prevent breast cancer. Most of the purple foods are extracted from blueberries which helps to reduce cancer. As per research, purple foods such as supplements which contain high amount anthocyanin extracted from blueberry helps to improve brain power in children from 7 to 10-year-olds. It fights with free radicals present in the human body and offers anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In addition, key regulations on synthetic food colorants imposed by governing bodies are directing attention of food producers towards natural solutions such as purple foods which contain anthocyanin, natural food colorant.

Market Segmentation

Fruits segment is expected to dominate the purple foods market by source type.

Fruit segment is one of the most favored segments of purple foods, as the purple fruits such as grapes are used in the manufacturing of wine, are evolving steadily due to increasing number of users in different end-use industries.

Hypermarkets &supermarkets segment held the largest market share in the year 2020, by distribution channel. During the forecast period, it is predicted to be the largest and fastest-growing market. The wide variety of products available and the convenience of real-time brand comparison for customers are the primary reasons for hypermarkets and supermarkets’ popularity in this market.

Geographical Penetration

North America held a dominant position in the global purple foods market in 2020

Blueberries are one of the renowned purple foods cultivated in North America, where the blueberries are available from April through October, and from mid-June to mid-August. Blueberry bushes are found in enormous quantity in all over the U.S., with 38 states grow blueberries commercially, 10 states (Florida, California, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon and Washington) account for more than 98 percent of U.S. commercial production.

The other regions such as Asia Pacific and Europe are also likely to witness steady growth during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region with a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period. China accounted for highest market revenue share of XX% in the year 2020. On April 9, 2021, a cargo ship from Chile pulled into the Port of Hong Kong, signifying not only the first arrival of Purple Honey plums on the Chinese market but also the global debut of this new plum variety. In June 2021, Purple Diamond fig officially entered Chinese market as development reaches commercial stage. The 'purple diamond' fig has a clear market advantage in terms of product quality, durability, and commercial viability. Such developments are expected to drive the market growth in this country.

Competitive Landscape

The global purple foods market is fragmented in terms of sales volume and product segments with large number of players evolving with new end products. Hollyberry B.V., Exbery, Kanegrade Ltd, Kent Frozen Foods Ltd, Lemon Concentrate, Jiangxi Cereal Food Co Ltd, Merry Berry, Nutraonly, Vinayak Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd., and Archer Daniels Midland Company are some of the major players in the market. Emphasis is given on the expansion, merger, acquisition and partnership of the companies along with new product development as strategic approaches adopted by the leading companies to boost their brand presence among consumers. For instance,

 In December 2020, Ark Foods introduced purple bell pepper. Grown originally for Whole Foods Market Florida, the Purple Bell’s vibrant, glossy exterior naturally sets itself apart, while offering the familiar crunch and sweet flavor of traditional bell peppers.

 In March 2019, Archer Daniels Midland Company has acquired Ziegler Group, a leading European provider of natural citrus flavor ingredients. This combination will lead to ADM being the global leader in natural citrus ingredients and anthocyanins market, with a complete range of innovative citrus solutions and systems for food, beverage, and fragrance customers.

COVID-19 Impact: The pandemic thrown light on purple foods and their role in boosting immunity, thus positive for market growth

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the intake of purple food has increased with its benefits of boosting the immune system. Anthocyanin which is found in purple foods is considered as a vital component in boosting immunity. Purple cauliflower is one of the leading segment in this aspect of the market. Rich in fibre and magnesium, this vegetable can be included in salad, sandwich and other foods to boost immunity. The increase in the reliance on the fruits increased the market amidst the pandemic. Therefore, the market players have witnessed a modest growth in the purple food market during the pandemic. However, the disruption in supply chain offset this growth rate

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• Identify the key regulations prevailing in the market and understand their impact on the market over the forecast period
• Understand the key business factors such as market competition, product pricing, new product developments, and patent filings pertaining in the market

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• Market Share Analysis covering business revenues ($) and revenue share (%) of key market players

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• Farmers and growers communities
• Natural Colorants and Additives Manufacturers
• Cosmetics Companies
• Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
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• Research Professionals

1. Global Purple Foods Market -Scope and Methodology
1.1. Research Methodology
1.2. Scope of the Market
2. Global Purple Foods Market -Key Trends and Developments
3. Global Purple Foods Market – Executive Summary
3.1. Market Snippet by Source Type
3.2. Market Snippet by Distribution Channel
3.3. Market Snippet by Region
4. Global Purple Foods Market – Market Dynamics
4.1. Market impacting factors
4.1.1. Drivers Rise in awareness towards health benefits of purple foods
4.1.2. Restraints Climatic and environmental factors
4.1.3. Opportunities
4.2. Impact analysis
5. Global Purple Foods Market – Industry Analysis
5.1. Porter's five forces analysis
5.2. Value chain analysis
5.3. Patent Analysis
5.4. Regulatory Analysis
6. Global Purple Foods Market – COVID-19 Analysis
6.1. Analysis of Covid-19 on the Market
6.1.1. Before COVID-19 Market Scenario
6.1.2. Present COVID-19 Market Scenario
6.1.3. After COVID-19 or Future Scenario
6.2. Pricing Dynamics Amid Covid-19
6.3. Demand-Supply Spectrum
6.4. Government Initiatives Related to the Market During Pandemic
6.5. Manufacturers Strategic Initiatives
7. Global Purple Foods Market – By Source Type
7.1. Introduction
7.1.1. Market size analysis, and y-o-y growth analysis (%), By Source Type segment
7.1.2. Market attractiveness index, By Source Type segment
7.2. Fruits *
7.2.1. Introduction
7.2.2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2028 And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2028
7.3. Grains
7.4. Legumes
7.5. Vegetables
7.6. Others
8. Global Purple Foods Market – By Distribution Channel
8.1. Introduction
8.1.1. Market size analysis, and y-o-y growth analysis (%), By Distribution Channel Segment
8.1.2. Market attractiveness index, By Distribution Channel Segment
8.2. Supermarkets/Hypermarkets *
8.2.1. Introduction
8.2.2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2028 And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2028
8.3. Specialty Stores
8.4. Convenience Stores
8.5. Online Stores
8.6. Others
9. Global Purple Foods Market – By Region
9.1. Introduction
9.1.1. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Region
9.1.2. Market Attractiveness Index, By Region
9.2. North America*
9.2.1. Introduction
9.2.2. Key region-specific dynamics
9.2.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Source Type
9.2.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Distribution Channel
9.2.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country U.S. Canada Mexico
9.3. South America
9.3.1. Introduction
9.3.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
9.3.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Source Type
9.3.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Distribution Channel
9.3.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country Brazil Argentina Rest of South America
9.4. Europe
9.4.1. Introduction
9.4.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
9.4.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Source Type
9.4.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Distribution Channel
9.4.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country Germany U.K. France Spain Italy Rest of Europe
9.5. Asia Pacific
9.5.1. Introduction
9.5.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
9.5.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Source Type
9.5.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Distribution Channel
9.5.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country China India Japan Australia Rest of Asia Pacific
9.6. Middle East and Africa
9.6.1. Introduction
9.6.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
9.6.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Source Type
9.6.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Distribution Channel
9.6.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
10. Global Purple Foods Market – Competitive Landscape
10.1. Competitive scenario
10.2. Competitor strategy analysis
10.3. Market positioning/share analysis
10.4. Mergers and acquisitions analysis
11. Company Profiles
11.1. Exberry
11.1.1. Company Overview
11.1.2. Type Portfolio And Description
11.1.3. Key Highlights
11.1.4. Financial Overview
11.2. Hollyberry B.V.
11.3. Jiangxi Cereal Food Co Ltd,
11.4. Kanegrade Ltd
11.5. Kent Frozen Foods Ltd
11.6. Lemon Concentrate
11.7. Merry Berry
11.8. Nutraonly
11.9. Vinayak Ingredients India Pvt. Ltd.
11.10. Archer Daniels Midland Company 
*List not Exhaustive*
12. Global Purple Foods Market – Premium Insights
13. Global Purple Foods Market – DataM
13.1. Appendix
13.2. About us and services
13.3. Contact us

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