Middle East and Africa Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026

Middle East and Africa Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2026

Short Description

By Chemistry (Lithium-Manganese Oxide Spinal (LMO), Lithium-Titanate Oxide (LI-TO), Lithium-Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (NCA), Lithium-Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) And Lithium-Cobalt Oxide (LI-CO)), Technology (Hydrometallurgical Process, Pyro-Metallurgy Process, Mechanical Process And Others), End-User (Power, Marine, Automotive, Industrial and Others), Country (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rest of Middle East & Africa)

Market Definition
Lithium-ion battery recycling is referred to be the less toxic batteries which are easy to recycle and reuse. With the growing use of lithium ion batteries in various consumer products the danger of explosion and their disposal has become tough. In order to prevent such disasters, it is quite necessary to recycle the lithium ion batteries. Recycling of lithium ion batteries can be done through various technological procedures such as hydro-metallurgical process, pyro-metallurgy process and other mechanical processes. The vast growing applications of lithium ion batteries in the end-use industries are boosting the market for lithium ion battery recycling.
Market Segmentation
Middle East and Africa lithium-ion battery recycling market is segmented into three notable segments which are based on chemistry, technology and end-user.
• On the basis of chemistry, the market is segmented into lithium-manganese oxide spinal (LMO), lithium-titanate oxide (LI-TO), lithium-nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA), lithium-nickel manganese cobalt (NMC), lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) and lithium-cobalt oxide (LI-CO)
• On the basis of technology, the market is segmented into hydrometallurgical process, pyro-metallurgy process, mechanical process and others
• On the basis of end-user, the market is segmented into power, marine, automotive, industrial and others
Market Players
The key market players for Middle East and Africa lithium-ion battery recycling market are listed below:
• Umicore
• Neometals Ltd
• Snam SPA
• Tes - Amm India Pvt. Ltd.
• Raw Materials Company
• Recupyl, innovative battery recycling
• Middle East and Africa Technology Systems, Inc.
• Retriev Technologies
• Battery Recycling Made Easy
• OnTo Technology, LLC.
• Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.
• ACCUREC Recycling GmbH
• Storage Battery Systems, LLC
• American Manganese Inc.
• Lithion Recycling

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives Of The Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.3 Overview Of Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market
1.4 Limitations
1.5 Markets Covered
2 Market Segmentation
2.1 Markets Covered
2.2 Geographical Scope
2.3 Years Considered For The Study
2.4 Currency And Pricing
2.5 Dbmr Tripod Data Validation Model
2.6 Technology Life Line Curve
2.7 Multivariate Modelling
2.8 Primary Interviews With Key Opinion Leaders
2.9 Dbmr Market Position Grid
2.10 Market Application Coverage Grid
2.11 Dbmr Market Challenge Matrix
2.12 Vendor Share Analysis
2.13 Import-export Data
2.14 Secondary Sources
2.15 Assumptions
3 Market Overview
3.1 Drivers
3.1.1 Effective Use Of Lithium Ion Batteries In Bio-medical Devices
3.1.2 Increased Use Of Lithium-ion Batteries In Automobiles And Devices
3.1.3 Growing Demand For Lithium-ion Batteries In Lightweight Marine Batteries
3.1.4 Faster Adoption And Manufacturing Of Hybrid And Electric Vehicles In The Developing Countries
3.2 Restraints
3.2.1 Heavy Waste Generation In The Form Of Landfills By Lithium Batteries
3.2.2 Transportation Of Lithium Batteries Is Risky
3.2.3 High Fluctuation In Lithium Chemicals Cost
3.2.4 High Fluctuation In Demand And Supply
3.3 Opportunities
3.3.1 Lithium-iron Phosphate Batteries For High-power Devices
3.3.2 Lower And Affordable Cost Of Lithium Ion Batteries
3.4 Challenges
3.4.1 High Toxicity Leads To Major Long Term Problem In Humans
4 Executive Summary
5 Premium Insights
6 Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market, By Chemistry
6.1 Overview
6.2 Lithium-cobalt Oxide (Li-co)
6.3 Lithium-iron Phosphate (Lfp)
6.4 Lithium-nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (Nca)
6.5 Lithium-nickel Manganese Cobalt (Nmc)
6.6 Lithium-manganese Oxide Spinal (Lmo)
6.7 Lithium-titanate Oxide (Li-to)
7 Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market, By Technology
7.1 Overview
7.2 Hydrometallurgical Process
7.3 Pyrometallurgy Process
7.4 Mechanical Process
7.5 Others
8 Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market, By End-user
8.1 Overview
8.2 Automotive
8.3 Power
8.4 Industrial
8.5 Marine
8.6 Others
9 Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market, By Geography
9.1 Middle East & Africa
9.1.1 Saudi Arabia
9.1.2 Israel
9.1.3 Rest Of Middle East & Africa
9.1.4 Egypt
9.1.5 United Arab Emirates
9.1.6 Israel
10 Middle East & Africa Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Market, Company Landscape
10.1 Company Share Analysis: Middle East & Africa
11 Swot & Dbmr Analysis
11.1 Swot Analysis
11.1.1 Strength: - Strong Geographical Presence
11.1.2 Weakness: - Lack Of Recycling Facilities At Middle East & Africa Level
11.1.3 Opportunity: - Strategic Expansions And Partnerships
11.1.4 Threat: - Hazardous Effects Of Lithium-ion Batteries
11.2 Data Bridge Market Research Analysis
12 Company Profile
12.1 Tesla
12.1.1 Company Snapshot
12.1.2 Revenue Analysis
12.1.3 Company Share Analysis
12.1.4 Product Portfolio
12.1.5 Recent Development
12.2 Snam Spa
12.2.1 Company Snapshot
12.2.2 Revenue Analysis
12.2.3 Company Share Analysis
12.2.4 Product/Service Portfolio
12.2.5 Recent Development
12.3 Umicore
12.3.1 Company Snapshot
12.3.2 Revenue Analysis
12.3.3 Company Share Analysis
12.3.4 Service Portfolio
12.3.5 Recent Developments
12.4 Tes - Amm India Pvt. Ltd.
12.4.1 Company Snapshot
12.4.2 Company Share Analysis
12.4.3 Service Portfolio
12.4.4 Recent Development
12.5 Raw Materials Company
12.5.1 Company Snapshot
12.5.2 Company Share Analysis
12.5.3 Product Portfolio
12.5.4 Recent Development
12.6 Recupyl, Innovative Battery Recycling
12.6.1 Company Snapshot
12.6.2 Product Portfolio
12.6.3 Recent Development
12.7 Middle East & Africa Technology Systems, Inc.
12.7.1 Company Snapshot
12.7.2 Service Portfolio
12.7.3 Recent Development
12.8 Accurec Recycling Gmbh
12.8.1 Company Snapshot
12.8.2 Service Portfolio
12.8.3 Recent Development
12.9 Akkuser Oy & Digitoimisto Roi
12.9.1 Company Snapshot
12.9.2 Product Portfolio
12.9.3 Recent Development
12.10 American Manganese Inc.
12.10.1 Company Snapshot
12.10.2 Service Portfolio
12.10.3 Recent Development
12.11 Battery Recycling Made Easy
12.11.1 Company Snapshot
12.11.2 Service Portfolio
12.11.3 Recent Development
12.12 Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd
12.12.1 Company Snapshot
12.12.2 Service Portfolio
12.12.3 Recent Development
12.13 Interstate Batteries
12.13.1 Company Snapshot
12.13.2 Service Portfolio
12.13.3 Recent Development
12.14 Li-cycle Corp.
12.14.1 Company Snapshot
12.14.2 Service Portfolio
12.14.3 Recent Development
12.15 Lithion Recycling
12.15.1 Company Snapshot
12.15.2 Service Portfolio
12.15.3 Recent Developments
12.16 Neometals Ltd.
12.16.1 Company Snapshot
12.16.2 Revenue Analysis
12.16.3 Product Portfolio
12.16.4 Recent Development
12.17 Onto Technology, Llc.
12.17.1 Company Snapshot
12.17.2 Service Portfolio
12.17.3 Recent Development
12.18 Retriev Technologies
12.18.1 Company Snapshot
12.18.2 Service Portfolio
12.18.3 Recent Development
12.19 Sitrasa
12.19.1 Company Snapshot
12.19.2 Service Portfolio
12.19.3 Recent Development
12.20 Storage Battery Systems, Llc
12.20.1 Company Snapshot
12.20.2 Service Portfolio
12.20.3 Recent Developments
13 Conclusion
14 Questionnaire
15 Related Reports

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